Horse power


To the Editor:

I would like to thank a previous letter writer for pointing out the fact that speed kills. God bless you for thinking of others first. I know you are really trying to point out the fact that you and countless other like minded people wish to show no consideration for others, let alone respect.

I for one think you might spend some quality time at home and fix it up a little to show you have some self respect, lest you lose all. If you wish to travel at a high rate of speed, try the speedway across the river. The speed limit on State Road 56 in Mount Sterling is 35 mph and 55 mph outside. When was the last time you weren’t speeding through there to do business? Are you aware that 55 miles per hour is the maximum, not the minimum?

On a 12-mile trip, a horse traveling 30 miles an hour slower, would delay your trip by a whole 16 minutes. Do you also realize that a horse and buggy can travel faster than the maximum speed allowed by tractors or other slow moving vehicles? Let’s hear you complain about those terrible farmers. I doubt they carry collision insurance. Is the real problem that you are prejudiced? Try asking one of them if you can ride with them some time and see what you are missing, instead of complaining about them. In short, I would like to quote, “we walked, then rode horses, then got lazy and drove automobiles.”

Albert Boyer

Mount Sterling