Homecoming game nets big win for Switzerland County, 65-50


The Switzerland County Pacers earned their fourth straight victory last Friday night with a Homecoming over the New Washington Mustangs, 65-50.

The Pacers took the lead with Ben Hickman hitting a bucket first in the game. The Mustangs added two baskets and two at the line while Pacer Travis Webster added a three-point shot; and Ben Hickman chipped in another point at the line.

B.J. Shelton and Josh Snow each added a basket to take the lead halfway through the quarter, 10-6.

The Mustangs then added another basket and two more from the line before the period would end. The Pacers would add three more baskets; one each by Travis Webster, Ben Hickman and one by Mat Deaton in the last seconds to finish the first quarter with the Pacers leading 16-10.

In the second period the Mustangs were first to connect on a basket; but other than points at the foul line — it would be the last basket for them for the entire second quarter.

The Pacers didn’t have a problem scoring, however, and in the first four minutes of the second quarter Mat Deaton scored a basket followed by a three-pointer from B.J. Shelton. Josh Snow and T.J. Sefton each hit a basket and B.J. Shelton added another bucket.

The Mustangs chipped in five from the charity stripe, but could not cut into the Pacer 10-point lead, 27-17.

B.J. Shelton would then hit another three-point shot; Josh Snow connected on a shot and Travis Webster added a three-point shot — and the Homecoming crowd settled back to enjoy what was to become a big victory.

The Mustangs finished their scoring at the line for the first half trailing 35-22; but the Pacers weren’t finished; and with less than a minute to go in the first half Kyle Green chipped in another basket and Travis Webster finished off the half with another three-point basket to expand the lead to 18-points, 40-22.

The second half was also dominated by the Pacers, with Ben Hickman scoring first and Travis Webster connecting once again on a three-pointer followed by a basket to swell the lead to 49-22 before the Mustangs even had a chance to score.

The Mustangs finally scored a basket; but Ben Hickman was fouled and chipped in a point at the line to crush any thoughts of a New Washington comeback. Ben Hickman then added a three point play when he was fouled and connected on a shot, which ballooned the lead to 53-24.

The Mustangs hit one more basket and the Pacers ended the third quarter with Chancey May hitting a three-point shot, ending the period with a score of 56-27.

In the first five minutes of the last quarter the Pacers would only allow the Mustangs to score one three-point basket — and the rest of their points would again be gained at the foul line.

Mat Deaton was first in the quarter to score for the Pacers with a three point play followed by two points chipped in at the line. Kyle Green scored a basket inside with a strong pass from Michael Otter; and Josh Snow also added a basket 65-36 with three minutes left to play.

The Pacers didn’t score any in the last three minutes but they didn’t need to; and the Mustangs did add to their score against the Switzerland County substitutes to finish the game trailing, 65-50.

Travis Webster led the scoring for the Pacers with a game-high 16 points — including four three-pointers. He also had five deflections and three assists.

Also in double figures were: Ben Hickman with 11 points and six rebounds; and B.J. Shelton and Josh Snow each finished with 10 points each. Mat Deaton added nine points; while Kyle Green finished with four points and three assists.

Chancey May chipped in a three-pointer and six assists; while T.J. Sefton also finished with six assists and contributed two points. Seniors Michael Otter and Zach Getz had assists; and each had a rebound to help their team.


The junior varsity Pacer team won with a final score 40-29.

Leading scorer for the team in double figures was Michael Haas with 12 points. Jordan Pavy finished with eight points; and Cliff Meyer added seven points. Kyle Green chipped in four points; and Devon Armstrong added four points and led the team with three assists and three steals.

Daniel Welch chipped in three points; Aaron Moore finished with two points and had the most rebounds with five.