High School wrestling team having outstanding first season


Wrestling is new to the county, but with the initial season of varsity wrestling at Switzerland County High School, it’s a sport that is growing in popularity.

A little league program started four years ago for four years olds through 5th graders. Switzerland County Middle School began its first season in 2010 with an amazing start and support from the school, the school board, parents, and the community. Switzerland County High School started its wrestling program this season following the great results and response from the middle school program.

The Pacer wrestling team is approximately 75-percent through the first season in history of high school wrestling here in Switzerland County. Conditioning started in the middle of October and wrestling practice started at the end of October.

The team has worked very hard learning the sport of wrestling and the various moves and holds that are involved. Wrestling is the most physically demanding high school sport. You must be at top physical condition to compete at the high school level. Wrestling is also a very disciplined sport. You must learn to develop your “self control” both on and off the mat. You must be self disciplined from your training habits to your eating habits and everything in between.

The team has proven itself to be a real contender this year. Every time the team competes it hears compliments on the team and how impressed other coaches and referees are with the team. They are impressed with the heart that the wrestlers show. I have heard on several occasions that our team never gives up and that we always wrestle hard. The other comments that I am most proud of is the comments that they receive about the great sportsmanship they show to the other teams, coaches, and referees.

The team is going into a 16-team SIWC conference tournament this weekend at Southwestern High School in Hanover. In the conference tournament, Switzerland County has three wrestlers who have earned seedings. The three wrestlers are: Kevin Adams, Tony Hernandez, and Alex Galbreath as an alternate. This is an outstanding accomplishment for a first year wrestler. This is statement as to how hard these individuals, as well as the entire team have worked this year.

I am very proud of the team, what they have accomplished, and how they have represented Switzerland County. The members are:

– Seniors: Kevin Adams, Tony Hernandez, Bryce Fernandes, Charles Lawson, and Joe Rush.

– Juniors: Kassandra Woodward, Vince Hernandez, Justin Kasson, Casey Bevis, Alex Galbreath, Nathan Iery, Luke Headen, and Austin Boggs.

– Sophomores: Chase Richards, Austin Peelman, Michael Manbeck, and Bradley Cox,

– Freshmen: Diana Kasson, Ryan Brubaker, Tyler Teel, Alex Herbert, and Tylor Thomas.

– Coach Rick Wallace