High cost


To the Editor:

As a parent and member of this community for several years, I would like to voice my opinion a little. This letter concerns our children, teenagers mostly who are not of age to drive. We have a beautiful YMCA at the edge of town that I am sure “could” be put to more use if cost was a little more lenient. After all I know all parents in this and surrounding counties work very hard for the money they earn.

My kids are always looking for something fun to do close by, so they can walk or ride their bikes. But what good is anything if you can’t afford it? I sent three of my kids to go swim. What will this world come to when no one wants to enjoy being outdoors. Let’s see, we have the Ogle Park, the YMCA, the television, the computer.

I could not believe the cost of swimming if you are a “non-member.” At that rate who can afford to be a current member? Let’s give our kids more motivation. Instead of subdivisions, let’s build an outdoor pool. It’s always been a wish. Will it ever happen?

Pam Christman