Health Fair is a big success here, wide range of information provided


The Switzerland County Health Department held a health fair and town hall meeting on Monday night at the Jack Sullivan Building of the Switzerland County Senior Citizens Center. A large crowd attended the event, which provided information on a varied list of health-related topics.

Betty Lucas, administrative assistant with the Switzerland County Health Department, welcomed the crowd. Those in attendance were given goody bags, as well as information on such topics as: heart health, obesity, pandemic flu, the new Medicare Prescription Drug Program, and other important topics.

— Alicia Knowles of the Social Security office explained how recipients should go about choosing a plan that would best benefit them in terms of what medications they were taking.

— Field Epidemiologist Robert Allen gave a presentation on the Avian flu, more commonly known as the bird flu, and when and if a pandemic flu might surface in the future.

— Jim Wingate, public health coordinator for the Switzerland County Health Department, spoke about what his department has done in terms of forming a plan and carrying out a mass prophylaxis clinic if a terrorist event occurred in this community.

— Nurse Practitioner Greg Fillenwarth of the Switzerland County Nurse Managed Clinic gave a presentation on childhood and adult obesity and the complications that can arise from being overweight.

— Dr. James Jackson, a cardiologist, gave a presentation on cardiac health; and also entertained the audience with his interpretation of the difference between men and women.

Following the presentations, those in attendance had a chance to win door prizes donated by local merchants, and overall the health fair was a very successful project.

— Rita Sullivan