Harry the Hippie brings awareness to Ohio County


“You can call me Tim, Harry, Harry the Hippie, just don’t call me late for supper,” jokes Timothy Watt, a man on a mission.

For the past week Timothy Watt has been living on the streets of Rising Sun, literally.

Known as Harry the Hippie, the marine veteran arrived in Rising Sun on Wednesday, Aug. 2nd from Switzerland County and spent the week before his next move to Lawrenceburg on Tuesday.

He and his shopping cart “Dolly” have seen him at the Ohio County Public Library or at the corner of Main and High Streets or Main and Walnut Streets.

Using a donated laptop and free Wi-Fi where he can find it, he keeps up his travels on Facebook.

Watt is making his way through all 92 Indiana counties with Ohio County being his 83rd stop. His mission is to bring awareness to homeless and hungry known as “Harry Homeless Hippie’s Hike 2 Benefit Hoosier Homeless & Hungry.”

Everyday from 9 a.m. (give or take a bit) and 5 p.m., Watt positions himself where he can be seen. At night he slept on the Rising Sun riverfront. He was thankful for Ohio County Veterans Service Officer Bill Parks and others who provided a night at the Rising Star Casino hotel.

Watt said he’s enjoyed the small town and doesn’t know much about other homeless but did talk to a woman who had been living in her car.

His journey began in 2014, a two year journey that started the week before Thanksgiving (National Homelessness & Hunger Awareness Week) in Indianapolis to raise awareness for homelessness and hunger throughout the state. He had hoped to finish in two years but a fourth of the way, in May 2015, he was charged with criminal trespassing at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne. The charges were eventually dropped but it wasted five months of his campaign. He resumed on December 1st, 2015.

Watt said he never asks for donations, but warm responses from the people he meets often lead to donations. He said he tithes 10 percent for every $50 he receives; 20 percent for $100 and an additional 10 percent for every $50 increment. Beyond $400, he donates 90 percent.

Watt only keeps enough for a little food. One day he stopped into Jack’s Place restaurant for breakfast. A couple ladies paid for his meal.

On Sundays he always enjoys worshiping at a local church. I never know when, where, how, or why my Holy Spirit Guide’s gonna direct me at any given minute.

On Monday he was back at library preparing to disperse money donated to area charities