Greg Curlin: National President


Greg Curlin, agricultural educator at Switzerland County High School, has been elected as the 2010-2011 president of the National Association of Agricultural Educators.

A leader both professionally and in the Switzerland County community, Greg Curlin has held many important positions and has received a number of awards throughout his career.

Those awards include being selected for the Syngenta Outstanding Teacher program, though which he served as an ambassador for agricultural education to Switzerland; the NAAE Outstanding Teacher award in 2006; the National FFA ‘Models of Innovation’ in Chapter Development National Winner in 2008; and the Distinguished Purdue Top Ten Alumni Award in 2009.

Greg Curlin began his national leadership in agricultural education through serving as the NAAE Region IV secretary, and has since moved up through the ranks to the office of President.

“I’m excited about leading NAAE through the next year,” Greg Curlin said. “Agricultural education is facing some very exciting opportunities and some big challenges right now. We must make everyone aware, from the state house to the school house, that agricultural education is one of the finest educational delivery models out there.

“Our members are teaching math, science, engineering and technology concepts, and are producing some of the most highly prepared students in the United States,” he continued. “That’s no small feat in the educational climate in which we find ourselves. NAAE is there to support agricultural educators in this endeavor, and I am going to make sure our goals and initiatives during the next year help accomplish this.”

NAAE is governed by a board of volunteer agricultural educators from across the United States. By taking on the office of president, Greg Curlin will be responsible for helping shape the goals and direction of the organization for the next year.

He lives on Tapps Ridge with his wife Becky, who teachers at Switzerland County Elementary School, and his two sons, Ethan and Levi.