Greg Curlin to serve as NAAE National President


Switzerland County High School agriculture teacher Greg Curlin is about to become the National President of the National Association of Agricultural Educators. The association serves more than 7,500 agriculture education programs across the country, and Greg Curlin becomes the first Indiana teacher to be elected to the office since 1971.

“I’m very excited,” Greg Curlin said recently. “Officially last week I became unopposed, but I still have to deliver the speech and have the delegates vote.”

That vote will come at the NAAE National Convention, with will be held November 17th-21st in Nashville, Tennessee.

At the convention, Greg Curlin will officially be named the President-Elect of the organization; but the election involves a two year term, where he will learn the responsibilities of the presidency over the coming year, then assume the position in November of 2010.

Following his two years, he will also serve a year as the Past President of the organization.

Greg Curlin is very familiar to the teachers who make up the National Association of Agricultural Educators, having served in a variety of posts within the organization.

He is currently in his third year as the Region 4 Vice President, where he oversees programs in six states: Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. Prior to that he served as the Region Secretary for six years; and as the association’s State President in 1999.

The National Association of Agricultural Educators works with high school agriculture programs, and is responsible for assisting in curriculum development and professional development among its programs and members; and also works to recruit and retain agriculture teachers.

In his position as President, Greg Curlin will partner with career and technical educators as the organization plots its future.

The organization has its National Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky; where it is affiliated with the University of Kentucky – making it easy for Greg Curlin to get to board meetings as needed. The organization also works with the U.S. Department of Education; and has a headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, as well.

“It’s a win-win for me,” Greg Curlin said. “It’s only two hours to a board meeting; and the meeting in Washington, D.C. is in the summer, so I won’t be missing much classroom time here.”

As far as his responsibilities as National President, Greg Curlin says that he doesn’t foresee them to be much different than the role he has been playing as the Region Vice President; but he will attend state and national board of directors meetings; and will sit on the board of directors of the National FFA Organization.

“As far as traveling, it’s a two-year commitment,” Greg Curlin said. “I will be traveling to a portion of each of the regions each year. In some states if there is a need for a speaker, I will travel there and cover the need.”

He also said that much of the work is what he’s already doing.

“I look for it to be very similar to what I’m doing right now as far as time,” he said. “A lot will be on weekends and during the summer. I’ve been attending most of the workshops anyway, so I’ll just be there in a different capacity.”

He also sees the position as a great way to observe outstanding agriculture programs all over the country from a first hand perspective, and then be able to bring those innovations back here to Switzerland County – making this program even stronger.

“You can stay fresh, you can stay current,” he said. “What are the needs? How can I use this opportunity to make our program better?”


Greg Curlin is a 1984 graduate of Switzerland County High School, and graduated from Purdue University in 1990; taking some time off to serve as the State FFA Treasurer. He began teaching ag classes here in the 1990-1991 school years.

He and his wife, Becky, have two sons: Ethan and Levi.