Greg Brawner is ag student teacher at high school


There’s a new face walking the halls of Switzerland County High School.

Greg Brawner, a senior at Purdue University, has begun his student teaching experience under Switzerland County High School under Greg Curlin. He began his student teaching experience on February 4th, and will be at the school until the end of the school year.

A native of Hanover, Greg Brawner is a 2004 graduate of Southwestern High School, where he played basketball and also participated in the Southwestern FFA program. He was heavily involved in his SAE program, and also took numerous agriculture classes. He has been involved in agriculture his entire life, as he was raised on the family dairy farm, where he still works with father Greg, Sr., and mom, Teresa, milking 150 cows in the organic milking operation.

“Right now I’m teaching agribusiness management; two advanced life science/animal science classes; and I will eventually be taking over food science; followed by plant and soil, then landscaping,” Greg Brawner said of his teaching experience. “Then during my last week here I’ll slowly give the classes back to Mr. Curlin. Then I’ll be evaluated, and if that goes well – I’ll be graduating.”

Greg Brawner said that the thought of being an agriculture teacher first crossed his mind while a student at Southwestern, where his FFA advisor, Greg Schneider, encouraged him.

“But it was really put in play at Purdue with my advisor, Dan Gottschalk,” Greg Brawner said. “That’s when I really started considering it as a career.”

When students begin their student teaching experience, Greg Brawner said that most educational areas make students stay close to West Lafayette; but that the agriculture department allows students to go anywhere in the state.

“They gave me a list, and Switzerland County was one of the options,” Greg Brawner said. “I knew Mr. Curlin before I got here from FFA; and I also knew Mr. Todd, so they played a part in me choosing Switzerland County.”

After graduation, does he still plan on teaching?

“I’m keeping an open mind to all options right now,” he said. “I may be farming with my dad or I may be teaching, or I may have a combination of the two. Right now after graduation I’m heading back to the family farm and then I’ll see what my options are.”

He is also helping with the Switzerland County FFA program.

And that basketball experience?

“I hope people remember all those three-pointers I made my senior year against Switzerland County,” Greg Brawner says with a big grin. “I had a really good game.”

And from early results, he’s also doing a really good job of teaching students.