Grant from Dow Corning assists new chemistry class at high school with needed materials


The Honors Chemistry II class at Switzerland County High School is now part of the science department curriculum available for senior students through a “startup” grant from the Dow Corning Corporation.

The grant was awarded on behalf of the Dow Corning Foundation trustees in Midland, Michigan; and Dow Corning’s Carrollton site.

A total of 16 seniors are actively involved in a laboratory-oriented, year-long course to extend and enhance their skills and concepts learned in Honors Chemistry I.

Students are engaged in a series of 18 Advanced Placement Chemistry labs in: forensics science, acid-base science, organic chemistry and many other areas of chemistry.

The intent of the course is to provide a more extensive background in chemistry for students who plan to major in medical careers, science careers, engineering careers, and other careers involving post-secondary education.

The 16 seniors enrolled in Chemistry II this school year have plans following graduation to continue their education in college, with intended majors in such diverse areas as: nursing (two students); pre-medicine (two students); pre-pharmacy (three students); physical therapy (two students); as well as health education, psychology, anthropology, computer science, and art history – which can involve the use of chemistry in art restoration.

Dow Corning has been a community partner with Switzerland County High School in the facilitation and augmentation of the new freshman Integrated Chemistry/Physics course for all ninth graders; and the environmental science watershed sampling program for senior students and the Conservation Club.

“Dow Corning’s support has made a significant difference for Switzerland County students in providing laboratory and field opportunities in science,” teacher Bonnie Fancher said. “Presently the opportunity is also available for Switzerland County teachers of math, science, and technology to apply for $1,000 Dow Corning teacher grants, so we are very appreciative of the help that they offer us to enhance our teaching.”