Gracious hospitality


To the Editor:

We were in attendance again this year for the Swiss Wine Festival. We had a good time, as we always do. This year was a very special occasion for us as our daughter, Katelyn Bruns, was representing Milan High School in the Ambassador competition. We just wanted to let you know that we received a copy of the paper with her picture in it and noticed you had an article in it titled: “Good for You!” We had an experience with one of your local businesses that warrants recognition.

G.G’s Grill was absolutely wonderful to these ambassador candidates and their families. Not only did they show us hospitality but they went out of their way in more ways than one. They experienced a leak in one of the rooms that was supposed to be used for the candidates the day before the competition.

Graciously, their owner Jenny Brindley, and her crew took things into their own hands and made things work out wonderfully. Jenny’s daughter opened up her apartment to all 16 contestants and their families. Now these are 16 teenagers and strangers and people she had never met or knew anything about who were going to be running throughout her beautiful apartment.

She worked very hard downstairs, serving customers while everyone was using her apartment. That was something most people would have never thought about doing in today’s society. Her mother and her staff also made sure that each candidate was fed and had everything they needed. They sacrificed business that day as we witnessed people trying to use the other rooms they normally served in as an interview room for our kids and the judges. Some customers understood when they explained, others just walked away. Their service was great even when they doubted themselves with all the hustle and bustle of the day.

They should all be commended for what they did for everyone. We very much appreciated what they did. My uncle drove the kids in his car in the parade and he said he told everyone in Harrison, Ohio, where he lives – if you want good service, hospitality and the best burger you can get this side of Indiana – you had better go to Vevay.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the staff and Jenny Brindley of G.G’s Grill. You are all awesome. Thanks so much and God bless all of you.

Bill and Carrie Bruns,

Courtney, Katelyn, Billy