Good work


To The Editor:

Downtown Vevay is beautiful as the flowers grow and spill over the rims of their pots in mid summer. Visitors and residents alike have been enjoying the sight, and commenting on the colorful display.

Vevay Main Street volunteers are the people responsible for watering the flowers. They make sure their assigned planters get extra water on these hot days, a medium size pot needs at least a gallon of water everyday, and the big pots need even more, just ask the petunias. The white truck that has been seen prowling about the Vevay Historic District in the evening is not a watering truck, it’s just bringing a little fertilizer to the plants. It is the cool, clear, water given every day by the volunteers that will keep the plants fresh and colorful in the hot days ahead. Keep up the good work.

If you need a substitute for your watering task, call 427-3563. Main Street knows someone who’ll help out.

Meredith Luhrs