Good job


To the Editor:

I would like to congratulate all the elected officials of Switzerland County. I am sure they will continue the same service that the previous officials gave us. I am sure they will continue this same quality for their entire tenure. They will expedite the same passing of laws that will continue to be of the same quality as their own moral beliefs and will enforce the present as well as the new laws with the same quality and non-prejudice that has been the standard in the past.

I would like to commend the editor of the Vevay Reveille-Enterprise and The Switzerland Democrat newspapers for the great quality and correct information that has been their mark of professionalism since I can remember. The paper has always been non biased in its reporting as well as honest in the information it presents. It has been a pleasure to read it weekly to know exactly what is the reality of Switzerland County. It has been an inspiration with the letters to the editor section as it has shown the thoughts and feelings of the residents of Switzerland County.

Albert Boyer

Mount Sterling