‘Good for You!’ week of 3/1/07


Cody Peters! Josh Rice, Mary Jane Rice, and Destiny Purnell of Vevay have nominated Cody Peters of Vevay for this week’s “Good for You!” award.

The trio writes: “We would like to nominate Cody Peters for the ‘Good for You’ award. On Tuesday February 6th, Cody Peters traveled from Bloomington in the winter snow storm. Once he got to Vevay, he volunteered to go pick Destiny up from work in Warsaw, Kentucky. The roads were horrible, but he put his truck in four-wheel drive and went to get her. He is very sweet and we appreciate him very much.”

Vevay Newspapers says “Good for You”, Cody Peters. For being a caring resident of Switzerland County, you will be receiving a rose compliments of Edelweiss Florists in Vevay.