Good for You week of 12-31-09


Micah Ramsey! Lowell and Missy Reynolds and family have nominated Micah Ramsey for this week’s “Good for You” award.

Missy Reynolds writes: “We would like to nominate Micah Ramsey for this week’s ‘Good for You’ award. When our house caught fire on Christmas Eve, Micah made sure Lowell and I had coats, hats, socks, blankets – whatever we needed; and he stayed most of the day to help us try to clean up.

“We also want to thank Officer Dawson and Brian Morton. They were the first ones there, and after making sure everyone got out safely, they risked their lives to save our kids’ Christmas gifts.

“Finally, we want to thank everyone what was there to help us, during and after the fire. These three guys went above and beyond to help us, and they deserve to be recognized.”

Vevay Newspapers says “Good for You”, Micah Ramsey. For being a caring resident of Switzerland County, you will be receiving a $5 regular footlong sandwich compliments of Subway Restaurant in Vevay.



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