Good for You week of 11-5-09


Ron Otter and J.D. Dobbs! Audra and Brian Sims of Louisville, Kentucky, would like to nominate Ron Otter and J.D. Dobbs for this week’s “Good for You!” award.

Audra Sims writes: “I hope this gets into the right hands.

“I was recently traveling on the Ohio river by sailboat. My new husband and I were on our honeymoon. We were making stops along river towns staying at B & B’s and local hotels. We had reservations to stay at the Ogle Haus Inn for two days but we could not due to your floating docks being broken.

“We called the Ogle Haus when we arrived and spoke to a lovely woman whose name I can not remember ( I’m sorry). She gave me J.D. Dobbs’ phone number. I contacted him explaining our situation. He did everything in his power to help us. He tried to push the docks back out with his four-wheeler; and after that failed he got his friend, Ron Otter, to get his boat.

“He came out with his depth finder and tried to help us anchor our boat. After about an hour and a half of their help we decided to head back to Madison. We just didn’t feel comfortable leaving our boat when there was a call for gusts of 30-mph coming in that night.

“We thanked the fine men and woman of Vevay and continued on our journey.

“As we were leaving, Mr. Otter offered to come get us in Madison to bring us back to Vevay so we could stay for a few days. By this we were blown away.

“This letter is to thank those people and to let the town of Vevay know that we will be back soon. If these people are any indication of the character of your town, we want to experience it. (Next time we will drive). I don’t know if you have a local paper that would be interested, but I think this is a story worth sharing. “

Vevay Newspapers says “Good for You”, Ron Otter and J.D. Dobbs. For being caring residents of Switzerland County, you will be receiving a $5 regular footlong sandwich compliments of Subway Restaurant in Vevay.