Good for You week of 01-03-08


Keith Little! Linda Furnish of Vevay has nominated Keith Little of Florence for this week’s “Good for You!” award.

Linda Furnish writes: “I would like to nominate Keith Little of Florence for the ‘Good for You’ award.

“Christmas Eve day I drove to Florence from Vevay to spend the holiday with my son, Paul Furnish, and his wife, Sondra. When I got in my car and started it up, it was making a horrible noise. I looked under the hood, and all the belts were running okay on the engine.

“I made a couple of stops in Vevay before heading up to Florence. I turned my Christmas music up loud so I wouldn’t hear the racket out under my hood. I went to turn into Paul’s driveway and I couldn’t turn the steering wheel, and I almost wound up in their yard.

“I thought my power steering went out. Paul looked under the hood and found that the tension pulley was gone and the belt was riding on the bearing. My son told me, ‘Mom the finger of God had to be holding that belt on for you. You should not have been able to steer or turn corners with the pulley gone’. God watches over us. Strange things happen. I have three angels in my car at all times.

“Paul called Keith, who just lives u the road, and asked him if he had any tension pulleys. Keith brought a handful down and one fit my car perfectly. Keith had it fixed in about 20 minutes.

“We tried to pay Keith for his time and pulley, but he wouldn’t take anything, just glad that he could help. That, folks, is what the little town of Florence is know for, good and caring friends and neighbors.

“God bless you, Keith Little, and have a very merry, happy holiday.”

Vevay Newspapers says “Good for You”, Keith Little. For being a caring resident of Switzerland County, you will be receiving a rose compliments of Edelweiss Florists in Vevay.



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