“Good for You” for 6/2/05


Bobby Chatham! LeeAnn Bush of Fairview has nominated Bobby Chatham of Vevay for this week’s “Good for You!” award.

LeeAnn Bush writes: “I want to thank Bobby for helping my father out around his house. My dada had a stroke and doesn’t get around like he did before. Bobby is out there a lot helping my dad, and I really want to say thanks. That, to me, is true friendship. He’s there for him and can just keep an eye out when I can’t. Thanks again.”

Vevay Newspapers says “Good for You”, Bobby Chatham. For being a caring resident of Switzerland County, you will be receiving a rose compliments of Edelweiss Florists in Vevay.



Know someone who deserves to be recognized with a “Good for You” award? Write down their deed and bring it to the Vevay Newspapers office. Your entry should include your name and address; along with the name and address of the person that you are nominating. Winners will have their rose delivered by Edelweiss Floral, or you may also stop by the flower shop and pick up your rose yourself.