“Good for You” for 3/3/05


Roy Duckworth! Charles Pickett of J. Pickett Road has nominated Roy Duckworth of Whitewater Camp at Lake Geneva for this week’s “Good for You!” award.

Charles Pickett writes: “Roy Duckworth has gone out of his way to help me fix my truck and to take me to the doctor and on to the hospital in Louisville. Brother Roy spent a lot of time visiting and seeing that my family got there, too. Brother Roy is an all around good guy, and a good friend.”

Vevay Newspapers says “Good for You”, Roy Duckworth. For being a caring resident of Switzerland County, you will be receiving a rose compliments of Edelweiss Florists in Vevay.


Know someone who deserves to be recognized with a “Good for You” award? Write down their deed and bring it to the Vevay Newspapers office.