“Good for You” for 12-30-10″


Chrissy Elzy! Amy Browning has nominated Chrissy Elzy of Vevay for this week’s “Good for You” award.

Amy Browning writes: “I would like to nominate Chrissy Elzy, for the ‘Good for You!’ award.

“On December 14th our Southeastern Indiana Independent Living Center office in Versailles was conducting services with an elderly consumer. Our office is a non-profit organization that assists individuals with disabilities.

“The consumer got a cough drop lodged in her throat and began to choke, and Chrissy remained calm and successfully performed the Heimlich Maneuver, saving the consumer’s life. The consumer was very grateful for Chrissy’s prompt response.”

Vevay Newspapers says “Good for You”, Chrissy Elzy. For being a caring resident of Switzerland County, you will be receiving a $5 regular footlong sandwich compliments of Subway Restaurant in Vevay.



Know someone who deserves to be recognized with a “Good for You” award? Write down their deed and bring it to the Vevay Newspapers office.