“Good for You” for 1/26/2006


Cindy Ballard! Amanda Whipple of near Bennington has nominated Cindy Ballard of Fairview for this week’s “Good for You!” award.

Amanda Whipple writes: “I strongly believe that this week’s ‘Good for You’ award should be awarded to Cindy Ballard of Fairview. Cindy has struggled a lot so far the past eight months. She lost her husband and best friend, Harold Ballard, who was also my loving father, and that loss put a spin on my mother’s life.

“Just recently, she donated her hair to the ‘Locks of Love’ charity for someone who will be able to be more confident in what life there is left for them.

“Cindy’s hair was almost 40-inches long, and she donated 25 of those inches to someone in need. My mother loved her long hair very much, and cutting it was hard for her to do; but realizing that her husband was very uptight about losing his hair due to cancer was one of the reasons that she did it. She knows now that she made a difference in someone’s life and that to her is like bringing home a gold medal. We love you, mom, and are very proud of what you have done.”

Vevay Newspapers says “Good for You”, Cindy Ballard. For being a caring resident of Switzerland County, you will be receiving a rose compliments of Edelweiss Florists in Vevay.


Know someone who deserves to be recognized with a “Good for You” award? Write down their deed and bring it to the Vevay Newspapers office. Your entry should include your name, address and phone number; along with the name and address of the person that you are nominating. Winners will have their rose delivered by Edelweiss Floral, or you may also stop by the flower shop and pick up your rose yourself.