Good For You 9-26-13


James Richards!

Joanna Sawalich has nominated Vevay Town Police Chief James Richards for this week’s ‘Good for You’ award.

Joanna Sawalich writes: “I would like to thank James Richards especially and his team of officers and dispatchers who work hard to keep Vevay safe and make even small miracles happen.

“James had just gone off duty a couple of weeks ago when I received a text from a very close family member that some items of theirs had been stolen from a business in Vevay. That family member felt like there probably was nothing they could do because it was also partially due to their neglect.

“The more I thought about it, the more upset I became that this had happened to a hard working, law abiding person who does much to go the extra mile for others. So, neglect on their part or not, I decided to give James a call just to see if there was anything that could be done.

“He was upset that this had happened, informed me he had just gotten off duty, but would send his guy down right away to investigate. Within 10 minutes, he called me back, told me to call my family member and have them meet the officer at the place of business with all of their recovered items! When my family member arrived, James was there also to make sure that they were satisfied.

“I say that is only one of many examples of how he and many other officers in the county whether they are City, County or State employed go above and beyond to do their best to help keep law and order. Thank you so much, James and the rest of your fine team.


Congratulations James Richards! For being a caring member of the Switzerland County community, you will be receiving a free $5 footlong sandwich from the Subway store in Vevay.

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