Good For You 6-11-15


Chip Youngblood!

Sarah and Tim Garland and their family have nominated their neighbor, Chip Youngblood of Vevay for this week’s “Good for You” award.

Sarah Garland writes: “We would like to nominate Chip Youngblood for the ‘Good for You’ award.

“My kids’ bikes were stolen out of my carport. We reported it to the police, and filed a report. My kids were upset because they couldn’t ride their bikes anymore.

“Well, my neighbor, Chip Youngblood, end up giving my boys bikes to replace what they lost, and we are very grateful for him and what he did for my kids.”

Vevay Media Group says, “Good for You, Chip Youngblood”! For being a caring and concerned citizen and neighbor, you will receive a free $5 footlong sandwich from the Vevay Subway restaurant.


Know someone deserving of a “Good for You” pat on the back? Write down all the information and bring it by the Vevay Media Group office at 111 West Market Street in Vevay. Nominations cannot be made over the phone, and all nominees must be residents of Switzerland County.

For more information or questions, contact the Vevay Media Group offices at (812) 427-2311.