Golf cart amendment, yard sales limited


Rising Sun City Council approved an amendment to its golf cart ordinance which will require the purchase of a two year permit starting January 1st. The permit will be $25.

New golf carts registered this year will be good for the remainder of 2017 at the rate of $20.

The ordinance passage ends months of discussion and review which includes wording that give the city’s approval of UTVs (side-by-sides) on city streets. The UTVs must be licensed and registered with the state.

An ordinance regarding yard sale and flea markets was passed to avoid perpetual yard sales.

The new ordinance will require persons having a yard sale to get a permit a week before the sale. Each residence is allowed just three yard sales during the year (excluding spring and fall citywide sales) and no more than three days,

Signs must be taken down 24 hours after its conclusion. They are prohibited on city property including poles and public right-of-ways. The fine for the first offense is $50.