Go Green for Dottie



That word is something everybody hates to hear.

Dottie McKinley received news that she has liver cancer.

Her son Matthew, a 911 dispatcher in Rising Sun, is asking friends to put in a green light for everyone to see in honor of his mom. Emerald green is the official ribbon color to recognize liver cancer. Green is the color of hope and serves to remember veterans also.

The light at the McKinley’s home on Main Street has been green for quite some time. It was inspired by Alicia Thomason, a young lady who battled liver cancer and encouraged everyone.

Dottie has been church secretary at the Rising Sun Church of Christ for many years. She has welcomed in many strangers and helped them find answers to their needs.

“Over the years she has done so many things for so many people,” says Matthew on his Facebook page. “And whenever you see one of those lights let us all agree together to pray that a cure is found for ALL forms of cancer and until then anyone fighting these diseases has the support of everyone!”

The event is planned for Sunday, March 27 which happens to be Easter.

While your lights will help show support, your attendance at the church of your choice would bring a smile to her face. Dottie knows the meaning of Easter, as a believer that Jesus Christ is Risen from the dead.

She knows that prayers work. Jesus is her Saviour and she hopes others will choose Him as theirs.

-Tim Hillman