Gas war


To the Editor:

Throughout the last two weeks I have noticed gas going down every other day or so in different areas. In Madison, just 20 minutes away, it is now $2.14 a gallon. But yet every day ours in Vevay stays the same, about $2.50 a gallon. I can’t seem to understand this. But yet one place in Vevay, Vevay SuperValu, it is $2.28 a gallon. How can one place be one price in the same town and other places be almost 25 cents difference? That is sad to me.

It is the same way with natural gas. I’ve called different places in the surrounding counties and it is cheaper also. What’s up with this? It’s hard enough to make it now days for everybody with gas as high as it is. So let’s not take advantage of the situation and make it stay at a higher price if it doesn’t need to. I just don’t understand why some can and some can’t. That is my question. I’m not writing this to offend anyone. Maybe there are some reasons I don’t know about. I am just a little curious about the circumstances.

Peggy Scudder