Gamma chapter sets ‘Tri Kappa Week’


Gamma chapter sets

‘Tri Kappa Week’

  Tri Kappa members across the state of Indiana will be celebrating Tri Kappa Week: February 19th-25th.

  Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc., commonly known as Tri Kappa, is a unique philanthropic organization existing only within the boundaries of the state of Indiana. Seven young ladies met at the Girls Classical School of Indianapolis and founded the sorority in 1901. Each young lady was to begin a chapter in her hometown. From these beginnings, Tri Kappa has thrived throughout the state with 146 Active Chapters and 114 Associate Chapters, totaling almost 9,000 actively participating members.

  Each Tri Kappa chapter has special projects in its community for charity, culture, and education. The Gamma Chi Chapter of Tri Kappa in Vevay consists active members who continuously support the following projects through monetary donations or through donations of supplies and time.

  •  The Switzerland County Angel Tree

  •  Top Senior Boy and Girl Awards

  •  Sisterly Love Scholarship

  •  The Little Swiss Polka Dancers

  •  Switzerland County After Prom

  •  The Switzerland County Animal Shelter

  •  Hoosier Girl’s State

  •  Special Olympics

  •  Switzerland County Historical Society 

  •  The Switzerland County Library Summer Reading Program

  •  The Riley Cheer Guild

  Local chapters also support statewide projects. The Riley Hospital for children has received contributions of over $1 million and thousands of Riley dolls since it began in 1922. Tri Kappa also supports the Ronald McDonald House.

  Each year local chapters and state Tri Kappa give over $1.5 million to its endeavors of charity, culture and education. For the past 100 years Tri Kappa members have donated untold hours and millions of dollars to projects in the state of Indiana.