Former Rising Sun pastor and family headed to do “Moore for Ecuador”


On Tuesday, May 17th Eric Moore, wife Holly, daughters Hannah, Abigail, Sarah and Leah will uproot from the comforts of Southeastern Indiana and leave for El Quinche, Ecuador on a church building mission.

Eric, a native of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois (near Elgin), had served as pastor of the Grant’s Creek Independent Baptist Church in Rising Sun for seven years.

His focus changed on January, 10, 2015 as he was preparing for Sunday School lesson on Acts 16:6-12. “The Lord spoke to my heart and called me to a new field of service…Ecuador… with a new role as a Missionary…” he writes on his website (

I said, “Here am I Lord, send me! Without hesitation I shared the news first with my family and then with my church family. By the 26th I had my passport ordered and plane ticket purchased to fly to Quito, Ecuador for a two week survey (February 19-March 5). Following the example in Acts 16:10 ” And after he had seen the vision, immediately we endeavored to go.”

In July 2015, he and his family began visiting churches to gain support. For most of the last year, the Moores have been traveling to churches to gain support of their mission work. “We visited 83 churches with 44 having pledged support,” the 36-year-old reported.

This Saturday (May 14th) a send off service is being held at 6 p.m. at the Rising Sun Senior Citizens Center in Rising Sun.

Grant’s Creek will be his support church and the congregation of 50 is a mission minded church which supports around 25 missions.

Eric has been to Ecuador twice to secure housing including a recent trip in March.

While at Grant’s Creek, he was part of several outreach missions locally including visiting the jail, broadcasting on Froggy radio, going to nursing homes and the distribution of sermon CDs (over 1000). They have done other local outreach booths at the Navy Bean Festival, Regatta, and Farmers Fair. Missions has always been important for the Moore’s, reaching people with the gospel whether it’s here in Rising Sun or a continent away.

During the recent trip, Eric filmed (discretely) around the town to give his wife a sense of what to expect since she and the girls (ages 10, 7, 6, 4) have never been there.

“She is taking a leap of faith trusting her husband, trusting her Lord that this is God’s will for our lives to go,” he adds. The mission trip is expected to be at least four years, although their visas will be for one or two years as the government tries to get more money.

Eric explains his life was going the wrong way until he was saved on September 24, 2001. “(Since then) I have walked by faith and not by sight. My motto has been to, “Always do those things that please the Father,” and ” to present my body a living sacrifice.” This transition is just simply another act of love and obedience to Him who loved me and gave himself for me!

He met his wife in 2003, married in 2004, and had their first child in 2005.

He was ordained in 2007 and served at Grant’s Creek located on North Landing near the Ohio and Switzerland County border.

Since returning from El Quinche, Ecuador experienced a 7.8 earthquake along its western coast on April 26. The quake shook some of the buildings in El Quinche, 100 miles away from the epicenter but no damage. His mission work will see many people moving inland as most homes were destroyed.

Is this the place for Eric to be at this time?

Go back to his Jan. 10, 2015 when he made his decision. That was the fifth anniversary of the earthquake that hit the Caribbean Island of Haiti. For those of faith, that isn’t just a coincidence.

The latest earthquake is among a trio of natural disasters, Ecuador has active volcanoes and two have erupted since Eric’s decision to mission there.

El Quinche is located in the Andes Mountains with 70 degrees during the day and 50s at night. Getting used to the 8600 foot elevation is something he says the family will have to get used to. They can come down from the mountains and be in the Amazon Jungle. There is much history with the Inca nation.

As they head to South America with a dozen 50 pound suitcases, six carry-ons and six personal, they will have a partner waiting. Bro. Michael Lea of the Mission Boulevard Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Their new home will be a third floor apartment next to the Leas.

The first task will be setting up home as they will need to purchase all their appliances because tariffs are so high that shipping containers are not possible. The most costly expense will be finding a used car for the family of six. A 2010 with 140,000 miles costs $25,000 of which they have raised over half the amount.

Fortunately, airplane tickets were purchased at a good price prior to the earthquake.

The family isn’t fluent in Spanish. A missionary in Peru has designed an online course to help in learning the language the way it is used in Ecuador. “We have Rosetta Stone and will be taking classes,” Eric admits there will be language barriers at first.

The children have been home schooled but had to change curriculum because they couldn’t ship the thick books.

“When we get there we will have a schedule, something we haven’t had in nearly a year,” he adds. “It’s a whole different world. We can’t drink the water.”

The family is thankful for the many people who have expressed support and ask them to continue to pray for them. They can donate if they feel compelled and can learn more on their website.

Everyone is invited to come to the send off service at the Senior Building on Saturday the keep up with their mission work at You can reach them through email at

The family will fly from Cincinnati to Atlanta on Tuesday before a four hour flight to Ecuador. Keep them in your prayers for safe travel.

Support can be sent to: Grants Creek Independent Baptist Church, 14685 Lower Grants Creek Road, Rising Sun, Indiana 47040.