Florence News 9-6-12


The big news is the new grocery store grand opening. I just left there and was really impressed. People everywhere, like it used to be. We need to thank those responsible for getting it here and support it to keep it here.

We have been getting good reports about the Swiss Wine Festival. We really enjoyed it this year and enjoyed working in the Welcome Center booth and the Historical Society booth. Many old friends came back to Vevay and had good visits. The many volunteers worked really hard and we appreciate them. They should be commended. Also the parade volunteers. It was a good parade and gets better every year.

The Vevay High School Alumni meeting was also a lot of hard work for many volunteers. The food was great as usual thanks to Gayla and her crew. The next year’s officers are Bill Roberts, president; Margaret Ann Rowlett, vice president; Rita Sullivan, secretary; Karen Miller, treasurer; Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan and Kay Hyde, nominating committee. Thank you to the outgoing officers: JoAnn Connolly, Doris Holdcroft Jenkins and Joy Briggs. Joy has stepped down for a while until she can get her strength back after her surgeries and said she would help anyway she can. Theo Bakes Ralston, Class of ’29 was the oldest one present and received a nice present. Faye Lewis also received a present for being in the Class of ’35. June Cole Rice received a present for coming the farthest from California.

Joy Briggs received an appreciation gift for her dedication to keeping the Alumni going. She knows she had help along the way and appreciates them. We were glad to have Mike Jones speak about trying to save the old grade school building for a place to display the class pictures and memorabilia. Mike went to Patriot School and mentioned that they do not have anything to remember since the building was destroyed by fire so maybe we can keep the one in Vevay for a memory and a placed to visit. Patriot will also be included in that. The new officers are planning to get up a committee to work on that project. Let them know if you have any good ideas.

Patty Bakes Works from the Class of ’41 could not be there but sent in a framed invitation her great-aunt Flora Betts McClintock received over 100 years ago to a VHS Alumni meeting. The dinner would cost $1 for two people. Flora was also a great-aunt to Theo Bakes Ralston and a half sister to Effie Morrison Danner. Flora, Theo, Patty and Effie all went to Vevay High while residing in the Bakes homestead at Jacksonville, Indiana. The Class of 1962 was the honored 50-year class and had another class party at the Ogle Haus Saturday evening. Other class parties were held different places. My Class of ’54 only had seven attend. Let’s do better next time.

Glenda Sullivan took aunt Faye Lewis to Madison for a doctor appointment Monday and ran into a downpour of rain by Lamb. It didn’t last long but was okay. Glenda took Patty Chase to Madison for an MRI and EEG at King’s Daughters’ Hospital Wednesday. Hope they all turn out okay. They went on to Bob Evans for lunch and had a nice visit with Linda Harrell, Joyce Atwood and Becky Gosman. They said they meet for lunch and fun often. By the way Linda your new hairdo was still pretty.

Wilma Turner and Linda Bolden left a note on my door saying they came to visit. Sorry I missed you. Do come again.

Get well prayers for Nathan Hughes, Paul Ballard, Joann Scott, Betty Shannon, Zack Brogan and many others. Sympathy to the family of Maxine Ravenscraft.

Happy birthday to Dick and Carol Schroeder that I saw in Rick’s column. Happy birthday to Vandora Bennett too in West Virginia.

Ronnie Ackerman treated Margaret Lee Weidmann, Dutchie Scholl and Cheryl Messmore to dinner at the Sunset Grill in Warsaw. Kay O’Neal took Margaret Lee to visit the new store in Vevay Thursday. They were totally impressed. Gail Ann Clements visited Margaret Lee.

Call me with your news for next week. I’m trying to beat the deadline this week.