Florence News 9-28-17


The Florence Town Bicentennial meeting will be tonight, (Thursday, September 28th), at the church in Florence.

Denny Bowman visited Patty Chase on Sunday evening. He and Mary Lou and other family members have been spending a lot of time with granddaughter Lybbi Heffelfinger at U.C. Hospital. Lybbi was in an auto accident two weeks ago and will have surgery for facial reconstruction. She has had surgery on her hand twice now. Keep her in your prayers, and the family too.

Jonas Keith sold his place in Florence at an auction on Saturday. We will miss Jonas in Florence and hope he is happy at his new home. We will welcome whoever moves into his place. I didn’t get to go to the auction. People have been calling me to ask who purchased it, but I do not know.

Agnes Wheeler was rescheduled to go to Clark County Hospital on Wednesday, September 27th for stint repair. Keep her in your prayers.

Get well prayers to Earl Van Winkle and Betty Hargrove. Betty has been sick. Her company has been Jerry Jewell, Linda Jones, Annie Jones and her mother, PJ Jones and kids, Larry Spoores and J.J. Sullivan. J.J. brought a cake his mother-in-law baked. It was so good.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Gary and Karen Wentworth, Mark and Rhonda Scott, Casey and Sheila Rininger, Tiffany Rininger, David Wentworth, Don Smith, Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan, Nancy Johnson and Judy Lozier all enjoyed dinner at The Pines in Madison on Sunday to celebrate Ken and Judy’s birthdays. They both got many cards and all had a good time.

The community picnic was well attended at the Florence Church of Christ on Saturday evening. There was lots of good food and visiting.

Richard and Leona Adams went to Columbus, Indiana to get Ginny Ann Adams from the Four Season Nursing Home. She will spend a few days with Richard and Leona. On the way home they stopped to visit with the Stevenson family. Martha Stevenson has been sick. Will send out get well prayers for her. Steve and Jack were cooking hot dogs and hamburgers outside when Richard, Leona and Ginny got there so they had lunch with all the family.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Kay O’Neal, Dutchie Scholl and daughter Sherry Young, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown. Ryan has been working in Ohio last week. Kay took Margaret Lee out for a nice ride one afternoon.

Sympathy to the Wilma Brogan family and the Phyllis Carfield-Lukens family.