Florence News 9-17-15


The 9-11 Remembrance Service at the Florence Church of Christ was really nice and touching Friday night. The special speaker was Master Trooper Tamara Watson from the Indiana State Police Versailles District. She spoke about what 9-11-2001 meant to her and her fellow police officers and all rescue people. She said it was not only trained people but stranger helping strangers at the New York and other tragedy sites. Everyone was held captive by her speech. It was a wonderful evening with patriotic music and time of fellowship and refreshments. Thank you Tamara especially for the question and answer period while we visited.

The Florence Church of Christ will have a picnic Saturday September 26th. They will close the street in front of the church. “64 to Grayson” will be the special music along with the activities. Food will be ready about 5 p.m. Come join us.

Family Camp will be at Whitewater Christian Service Camp at Lake Geneva Friday and Saturday September 18th-19th. Kerry Allen from Person to Person Ministries will be one of several speakers.

Don’t forget the Car Show and Cruise In Friday and Saturday the 18th and 19th on the river hosted by Mike Bear and Lewis Fritter with music, food, fireworks and fun.

Faye Lewis’ company was Robin Lawson, Carolyn Hysell, Gertrude Voris, Evelyn Smith, Jean Sandidge and Glenda Sullivan.

Leona Adams said the Quercus Grove 200 celebration was really good. A lot of people came home to visit. They had good music. People that used to go to church there did a lot of good singing. They had more good food than they could handle but enjoyed it.

We had lunch at the Old School Cafe a few weeks ago and it was really good.

Happy Birthday to Brenda Peelman.

Richard and Janet Sullivan of Westport enjoyed the Allensville School reunion at Moorefield Fire House. They had a big crowd, good food and lots of fellowship memories. Richard and Janet also visited with Margie Whitham.

Linda Mae Jones, P.J. Jones, Annie and the kids and Mariah Goldman had dinner at Chili’s in Florence Sunday. Linda is feeling pretty good now. Betty Hargrove and Jerry Jewell had dinner at Belterra Sunday. Hope your toe is better, Betty.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase visited Loretta Westrich near Milton, Kentucky on Saturday. Loretta’s boys had just left for a week in Florida.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman just returned home from a little vacation in Florida. They got home in time to see their granddaughter play in a soccer game for Dillsboro. They beat Switzerland County. Good for you Rylli, but you beat my home school. But that’s the way it goes.

Margaret Lee Wiedemann’s company was Cheryl Messmore, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Shawn, Lisa, Taylor, AJ and Paul Messmore, Kylee Ferreira, Deana Brown, Audrey Marsh, Kay O’Neal, Donna Miller, Betty Hargrove, Gail Ann Clements, Dutchie Scholl and daughter Sherry and Bobby Graham from Illinois.

Cheryl Messmore, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown took Margaret Lee to Sunset Grill Thursday for her birthday dinner. Margaret Lee wants to thank her friends and family for all the cards, calls and gifts. She even got one from Germany. Happy Birthday.

Emily Petty Lewellen from Dresten, Tennessee and Linda Ramsey from Martin, Tennessee also visited Margaret Lee on Sunday.

It was nice to see Joe Johnson at the grocery store. He said he was doing ok and he looked good. It was also nice to see Myrtle Pesce out after her hip surgery and being laid up so long. Get well prayers to Joe and Myrtle. Also to Vickie Johnson, Shelly Gray, Jack Chase, Frances Pike, Dale Thompson, Barbara Wilhoite, Barbara Chase McCreary, Judy Lozier’s sister Nancy Johnson, Mike Simpson, John Charles Leap, Linda Mae Jones, Mary Lou Furnish and all in need.

Many from this area attended the memorial service for Jerry Furnish at their church in Batesville. Sympathy to the family. He was a fine person and good friend and will be missed.

Billy “Red” Wilhoite’s funeral is planned for September 17th. Red died just after his wife Barbara had by pass surgery. She is now recovering and will be able to attend the service. Red was well known, well liked and good to everyone. He will be missed by many. Sympathy to the family and get well prayers for Barbara.

Sympathy also to the Juanita Detmer family. Juanita was a beautiful lady and will be missed. Sympathy to the Fred Russell family. Mr. Russell was very well known and a good friend. Sympathy to all and he will be missed.