Florence News 9-13-18

The Church of Christ Family Camp will be at Whitewater at Lake Geneva Friday and Saturday, no change. Good will offering. Meals will be provided.


The Church of Christ Family Camp will be at Whitewater at Lake Geneva Friday and Saturday, no change. Good will offering. Meals will be provided.
Jill Smith and their two beautiful daughters Had and Julianna visited Patty Chase one afternoon. Julianna just had her first birthday. Happy birthday Julianna.
Charles and Alberta Pickett, Nancy Johnson, Judy Lozier, Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase and Sylvia Byars attended the Sunday afternoon church service at the Gallatin Nursing and Rehab in Warsaw Kentucky on September 2nd. Roy Duckworth did the service and Bonnie Duckworth played the piano. It was nice for the residents and many attended.
Gary Shepherd, preacher at Center Square Baptist Church had a good message and good singing at the Swiss Villa Nursing home on Sunday. Resident enjoyed it and other gusts joined the singing. Frances Weaver a resident played the piano. It was nice.
PJ, Linda, Jason and Jasmine Jones went to Florence Mall last Sunday to get a new bike for Jason and Jasmine’s birthdays. After shopping they went to a fair at Florence Mall and really enjoyed themselves.
Jerry Jewell spent Sunday with Bud and Betty Hargrove.
Linda Jones and Betty Hargrove spent the day in Madison at the eye doctor for Betty. Herman Surber and Jim from Kentucky visited with Bud Hargrove.
Judy Lozier wants to thank Randy Brown and say “good for you”. He helped her when she ran out of gas near his home then had to jump her car last week. Judy had lunch with LeAnn Lozier in Lexington, Kentucky last Saturday and went to the October Fest in Covington, Kentucky with LoriAnn Lozier on Saturday evening.
Charles and Alberta Pickett enjoyed the Romans Reunion on Sunday at Rising Sun with many friends and family.
Margaret Lee Wiedmann’s company was Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Kathleen Bolton, Keith Brown, Janice Ramsey and Diana Brown. Margaret Lee was glad to get to visit with Keith a couple of times while he was in from Washington. Cheryl Messmore spent a few days with Mom and family and went tot he Vevay girls get together at the Swiss Inn on Saturday night. She said it was fun, fun, fun. The Messmore girls; Gracie, Paddie, Vivie, Lyla Rose and Julie also visited Margaret Lee and family. She wants to thank everyone for the cards, calls and visits for her September 10th, 92nd birthday.
Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan joined Sue Westrick, Pat Montgomery, Carolyn Perkins, Leona Hauler, Hazel E. Ray, Sandy Ray, Martha Moorman, Linda Gallimore and Pat Perkins at Belterra for the Kentucky Red Hat dinner. It’s always fun.
Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and many other friends and family attended the visitation at Haskell and Morrison for Bruce Bennett of Patriot. Sympathy to the family.
Lou Wadsworth of Rising Sun is improving after surgery. Keep her in your prayers. Also, on our prayer list is Jonas Keith, Amy Walcott, Jr. Romans, Charles Pickett, Loretta Westrick, Christine Tolbert, Freda Walker and all in need.