Florence News 9-13-12


Greetings from Florence where it is still hot but the nights are getting cooler. The Second Saturday Shows presented two good films at the Hoosier Theater Saturday night. The first one was in black and white and silent. We had to read it but it was fun. The second one was also black and white with sound. They were good old westerns showing the good guys in the white hats and the bad guys in black hats with Ken Maynard. Ken was born in Vevay and made his way into the movies. They also had a drawing of free tickets for the next Second Saturday Show.

Greg Coy took his mother Millie Cloy to visit the new educational building on Seminary Street Saturday but it turned out to be a surprise reception for her 90th birthday. Greg’s sister Gail Ann Clements and many other friends, neighbors and family were there to greet her. She was surprised. They also honored Barbara for her 50th birthday recently. Her friends and family were there too. Greg will have a birthday this week too. It was a wonderful day with the Coy and Newton families well represented. My wild guess would be around 70 people there. Wish I could name them all. I did hear this comment. She may be 90 but she is doing well and still a great cook. They had beautiful cakes and snacks. Happy birthday and many more.

Chris, Lisa and Caleb Franks, Gail Ann’s neighbors from Fairfield, Ohio, came to enjoy the celebration.

Ed Trinkle called to say the Trinkle family had attended an impressive ceremony for his brother Randall Trinkle in Arlington Cemetery. His other brother Jack Trinkle is recovering from heart surgery. We send get well prayers out for Jack.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and doggies Dusty and Stanley, T.J. Peelman and friend Cayleb, Kay O’Neal, Linda Harrell, Pat Hand Horine, Betty Hargrove, Paul Messmore and Gail Ann Clements. Cheryl Messmore spent from Friday to Monday with mom and family. Margaret Lee and Paul Messmore visited Denny and Diana Brown Wednesday and later visited Millie Coy. Lorraine visited Denny and Diana Thursday evening. Margaret Lee, Kay O’Neal and Dutchie Scholl enjoyed the birthday reception for Millie and Barbara Coy Saturday. Randy, Lorraine, Ryan, Cheryl and Mom had a good supper at Sunset Grill Sunday evening. Margaret Lee’s birthday is September 10th and she is already getting cards, gifts, calls and messages and wants to thank everyone as her birthday celebration continues. She is 86.

Faye Lewis’ company was Alice Whitham, Mark Scott, Judy Amos, Ron and Jean Sandidge, Nora Gross, Evelyn Smith, Don Allen, Robin Lawson and Glenda Sullivan. Glenda took Nora Gross to King’s Daughters’ Hospital for amore tests Wednesday. Let’s pray she gets good news and will be okay. Patty Chase got a good report from her MRI and EEG for headaches and dizziness. The tests came back normal (if she ever was normal).

Darrell and Peggy Stoll spent last week with Bud and Betty Hargrove and visited other friends and family.

Roy Patterson, Estal Lozier and Richard Adams gave been spending a lot of time on Richard’s front porch this hot weather and keeping Leona busy serving root beer and iced tea.

Reva Johnson and Patty Chase enjoyed lunch at Butler Park last week with the Carrollton Red Hat Ladies. Patty had a nice visit with Ron and Sue Flick and daughter Charma on Log Lick Road Friday evening. We haven’t heard from the Tom Sullivan family on Log Lick and Cincinnati for a while. Also Lura Mae Smith from Fishers. Hope they are all okay.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Judy Lozier and Mike Johnson enjoyed the Canaan Parade and Festival Saturday. Roy and Bonnie went on to visit Randy, Michelle, Kiersten and Kaden McClure in Madison.

Charles and Alberta Pickett went to the Romans reunion at the Rising Sun Senior Citizens Center Sunday. Patty Chase and Charles and Alberta Pickett had supper at Granny’s and enjoyed visits with Yolanda and Jamie Gould and Yolanda’s grandmother from Warsaw. Also with John and Paulina Scudder. Their daughter Susan Alexander from Arizona was in not too long ago and we had a nice visit while she was here.

Dale and Danilee Thompson of North Vernon spent the weekend in Florence. They went to the show at the Hoosier Theater and won two tickets for the next Second Saturday Show.

Happy birthday to Brenda Peelman, Tehya Duckworth, Judy Lozier, Ken Byars and many others.

Elizabeth Cole is still having therapy in Jeffersonville and would like to hear from everyone. Reta didn’t know how much longer she will be there. Her address is: Elizabeth Cole 1019851-Unit 1, Wellstone Regional Hospital, 2700 Park Rd., Jeffersonville, IN 47130.

Get well prayers for Gerri Gregory. She is home after a hospital stay. Frances Pike is home after surgery. Joan Scott of Rising Sun is back in a Cincinnati hospital. Loretta Hite, Betty Shannon, Paul Ballard, Don Voris, Nathan Hughes, Shirley White, Don Beckett, Denny Brown, Diane Konkle, Ray Sandlin, Joy Briggs and many more. Get well to all.

The American Legion and VFW Auxiliary ladies had an impressive ceremony for Pauline Covington at Haskell & Morrison Funeral Home. Sympathy to the family and to the families of Thelma Gray and her sister Linda, Brianna Hite and Verlie Griffin. These were all lovely people and will be missed.