Florence News 8-28-14


Vevay was the place to be on the weekend with the Swiss Wine Festival and Vevay High Alumni and class reunions. A lot of old friends got to visit again. The festival was great except for the rain and lightning. I think everyone found shelter but got pretty wet.

The Vevay High Alumni gets better every year This was the best one yet. The officers: Bill Roberts, Margaret Rowlett, Rita Sullivan, Karen Miller and Joy Briggs did a wonderful job. New officers for 2015 are Bill Roberts, president; K.C. Banta, vice president; Rita Sullivan, secretary; Karen Miller, treasurer; and Joy Briggs, advisor. Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase and Kay Hyde, nominating committee. Keith Brown came in from Washington state, June Cole Rice from California, Lona White Mathews from Florida, Joe and Darlene Petrokas Roberts from Texas, Cabell and Judy Park McKee from Texas, Marge Johnson from Arizona. I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Call and we can get it in next week. Arthur Holdcroft of the Class of 1935 got the award for being the oldest.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Linda Harrell, Kay O’Neal, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Lois Ackerman, Gail Ann Clements, Diana Brown, Ronnie Ackerman. Cheryl Messmore spent the weekend and visited with a lot of friends.

Friday evening Peggy Sullivan of Austin met Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan at Shell’s for supper. Peggy later met Brenda Peelman and Jeff and Jacey Peelman went to the Diamond Rio show.

Fourteen classmates and eight spouses from the Class of ’57 Vevay High met at The Pines Sunday for lunch. Attending were classmates: Linda Detraz Robbins, Peggy Ramsey Furnish, Keith Dixon, Joy Dean Lee, Linda Lauderbaugh Scott, Ramona Bosaw Hunt, Don Truesdell, Donna Driver Raisor, Hazel Curry Wilkerson, Nell Truesdell Cayton, Lloyd Christman, Linda Lauderbaugh Fothergill, Raymond Slack and Glenda Sullivan and the eight guests. They plan to meet the same place, same time next year.

Faye Lewis’ company was Mary Evelyn Pohlman, Cathy DeBaun, Gertrude Voris, Nadine Swift, Patty Chase, Ron and Jean Sandidge, Mike and Joanna Sawalich, Evelyn Smith and Glenda Sullivan. Faye enjoyed the parade on “Bowman’s Corner” with Glenda, Patty Chase, Charles and Alberta Pickett, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Kiersten and Kaden McClure. She later visited Ron and Jean Sandidge and had lunch with them and Tim, Annette, Abby, Paula and Lexie Deno.

Don and Caulette Talbert enjoyed breakfast at Granny’s last Saturday with their guests, Tony and Donna Talbert, Brian and Debbie Talbert, Chris and Linda Fryman, Lisa and Mark Knipfer, and Bruce Talbert. I’m sure it was a party.

It was good to see Ronnie Gregory, Tammy Gregory, Kaylee Gregory, Taylor Gregory and his girl friend Cassie at the Welcome Center booth at the Swiss Wine Festival.

Happy 9th birthday to Felicity Mescher of Markland.

Nadine Swift of Miamitown, Ohio, met Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Charles and Alberta Pickett and Patty Chase at Shell’s Thursday evening. Nadine and Patty also visited Faye Lewis at Switzer Square. Glenda Sullivan and Jean Sandidge were also visiting. Nadine visited with other old friends while in town and had an interesting conversation with Penny Christman.

Our prayer list includes Debbie Bond Hunter, Pete Furnish, Dale Poling, Janet Brown, Jonas Keith, Pete Lowe, Mary Katherine Dickerson, Ginger Furnish, Jerry Chase, Teresa Miller, Genevieve Truitt, Linda Jewell Jones, Paul Banta and all in need.

Cheryl McMillian’s friend Ron is recovering from open heart surgery at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Florence, Kentucky and hopes to be home soon. Keep him in your prayers.

Our sympathy goes out for the Toni Kniola family, the Jo Scotti family, the Lib Cole family and Carol Hite family, four lovely ladies who will be missed.

The Florence Church of Christ will have a 9-11 service on Thursday, September 11th. Everyone is welcome.

I want to thank the Patriot Volunteer Fire Department for helping me get parked at the festival and Lois McKay and Brian Winters for getting me a ride to the Tourism Booth to go to work. Then Lucinda Mangold for getting me back to the car and waiting to see that I wasn’t stuck. That was quite a rain. Thanks.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and Verle and other family members have been visiting Genevieve Truitt at The Waters nursing home in Dillsboro. She is doing okay.

Ed Trinkle and Katie Rutledge of Virginia spent several days with Janice Cook in Cross Plains and attended the Cook reunion in Patriot and visited friends and family.

Ed, Katie and Janice went to the airport to meet Ed’s niece, Abbey Bridgman from Blackpool, England. Ed, Katie, Janice and Abbey met with Ruth Lohide, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan for refreshments and a long visit at Granny’s. Abbey has traveled with the “Jesus Christ Super Star” group for two years in England and Australia. Her fiance´ is also visiting in the U.S. and was in Nashville that day. He is with the band “One Direction.” He is Stuart Farrell and will meet Abbey later in California and return to England later. Ed, Katie, Janice and Abbey had a tour of the Hoosier Theater that day and they were impressed. They all had a great visit and Patty, Glenda and Ruth enjoyed her lovely accent.

Barbara and Bob Rice of California arrived on the 16th for the funeral and visitation of Barbara’s mother, Elizabeth Cole. Sunday the family gathered at Belterra for dinner. Those in attendance were Joei Gray and daughters, Tracy, Tammy and family, Jeremy and April Konkle and family, Noel and Bridgett Gray, Barbara and Bob Rice and Tom Dickerson of Nevada.

Later they visited Bob and Pat Slack of East Enterprise. Those who called were Beth and Elizabeth Nibarger. Barbara and Bob returned to California on Tuesday.