Florence News 8-25-16


Ed Trinkle came in from Virginia for the Cook reunion at Patriot. While here he visited other friends and family. Friday he met with some “old” school friends and treated them to a delicious lunch at the Patriot restaurant, Cook’s Kitchen. The restaurant plans to close this week maybe just for remodeling. We hope they come back. Juanita Brown of Westport, Ruth Lohide, Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan and Kay Cook all enjoyed the lunch with Ed. Katy didn’t come with Ed this time because her sister is very ill. We wish her well.

The Whitewater Christian Service Camp reunion retreat was held August 12th and 13th at Whitewater Camp near Lake Geneva. During the meeting Bonnie and Roy Duckworth received a plaque in recognition of their many years of service as care takers and managers of the camp. Roy Duckworth was also a speaker at the service.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth visited Genevieve Truitt Sunday at the Waters of Dillsboro. While there they also got to visit with Tonya Moore and Lester. Tonya is doing well. Hi Tonya from Switzerland County.

Richard and Janet Sullivan visited Marjorie Whitham at Swiss Villa. Janet stayed for a longer visit while Richard went on to visit Glenda Sullivan. Later Richard and Janet went to Madison to visit their daughter, Tracy Seale, at the Waters. They have also made several trips last week to see their other daughters, Dana Einhaus at the Jewish Hospital in Louisville. She has been fighting an infection. Get well prayers for Tracy and Dana. Also remember Richard and Janet as they need lots of prayers.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman had breakfast with Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan Saturday.

Belle Shipp of Huntington Beach, California is spending a few days with Grandma Nadine Swift and other relatives.

I went to the health screening at the Jack Sullivan building last week. It was really interesting and were hoping for good results in the mail.

The Florence Flowers Home Ec Club met last Monday in Florence. Our special guest was Sarah Hoffman, the president. It was nice to meet her.

Sincere sympathy to the Peggy Eckerty family and the Ronnie O’Banion family along with the Mitch Barnes family.

Pete Lowe and Gary Wentworth are still recovering well.