Florence News 8-18-16


The East Enterprise Fire Department chicken dinner was well attended Sunday. Food was good and we visited with a lot of old friends. The Chinese Auction went well. I won two drawings this time. That was good.

I didn’t get to go to the Olive Branch Church chicken supper Saturday night but heard many people say it was really good and had a big crowd as usual.

Last week 50 members of the Whitham family met at the Markland Park and shared a bountiful meal on Sunday. The afternoon was spent sharing memories and renewing acquaintances. We plan to meet again the first Sunday of August next year at the same place. Family members: please come and renew your family history with pictures and family stories.

Betty Hargrove had a nice short visit with Stella Bennett while shopping in Vevay. Bud and Betty’s other company was: P.J. and Annie and kids, Linda Jones, Jerry and Robin Jewell.

The Vevay High School Alumni meeting is coming up Saturday August 27th at the Switzerland County High School cafeteria right after the Swiss Wine Festival parade. Hope to see you there.

Agnes Wheeler had a lovely visit at the Loretta Lynn Ranch at Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Her daughter and granddaughter took her there. Agnes also visited Margaret Turner at Swiss Villa. She is doing better.

Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase met Peggy Sullivan of Austin at Frisch’s in Madison for a good lunch Thursday. They also visited with LeeAnn and Kelsey Bush while there. Patty and a nice visit with Thelma Youngblood while shopping. Glenda and Patty visited Beverly Stoops Friday evening.

Leona Adams and Nadine Swift visited Patty last week.

Sympathy to the Marilyn Morgan and Georgia Rider families.

We are sorry to hear of the passing of ‘Miss Kitty’, Peggy Eckerty. Peggy was very active in the community and will be missed buy her kitties, kids, friends and family. Sympathy to her family and friends.

Gary Wentworth did very well with his surgery last week. He was out walking the next day. Get well prayers for him. Get well also to: Margaret Turner, Karoline Green, Dana Einhaus, Margie Whitham, Patty Chase, Jodie Winslow, Ronnie O’Banion and Pete Lowe, he is doing a lot better.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Donna Miller, Kay O’Neal, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and Stanley the dog, Betty Hargrove and Kevin Scudder.

Happy birthday last week to Corinne Martin.