Florence News 8-15-13


The Florence Church of Christ had a big crowd attend the 64-2-Grayson concert Saturday night. The music was really good and the social time and refreshments were great.

The chicken dinner at Olive Branch Baptist Church was really good. I didn’t get to go but my neighbor, Linda Furnish, went with Michael and Mickey Lynn furnish and said those church ladies are great cooks and the entertainment was wonderful.

Jim and Johanna Welch called to let us know that Jim had surgery at the V.A. Hospital for colon cancer. He said he is pretty sore but they think they got it out. We hope so. Keep him in your prayers.

Martha McKee spent a few days with Sherry Houze and Jordon and boys, Logan and Bryce. Also Bishop the dog.

Betty Hargrove spent one weekend with Peggy and Darrell Stoll in Washington, Indiana and went to Vincennes to visit the Red Skelton Museum. It was just a block from where he was born. It was really interesting. Brad and Connie Miller and Matt and Colin visited Peggy, Darrell and Betty and had dinner and then played cards for a fun evening.

Jerry Jewell, Linda Jones and Betty Hargrove went for a drive to Cincinnati to Jerry’s job site and to sightsee. They had dinner at Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg. P.J., Annie and the kids and Jillanna Judy visited Bud and Betty. Jill brought goodies from the garden.

Faye Lewis’ company was Florence Haskell, Cathy DeBaun, Bob Hayes, Janet “Peachy” Kent, David, Olivia and Mia Faye Sandidge, Jean Sandidge, Evelyn Smith, Nora Gross and Glenda Sullivan.

Alicia Fritter is recovering at home after having gall bladder surgery. Keep her in your prayers.

Happy birthday to Corinne Martin.

Debbie and Eddie Gregory visited Chad Gregory. They also visited Patty Chase Sunday and helped her get her trash out for Monday morning. Thanks. Debbie visited her mom and dad, Virginia and Ray Bear in Madison Saturday. They are doing pretty good and still need our prayers.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Gail Ann Clements, Kim Curry, Nathan Hughes, Kay O’Neal, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Paul Messmore and Penny and Bob Russell of Cincinnati.

We went to the visitation for Carrie Miller-Scudder and it was like an old shoe factory reunion, so many good friends to visit with. Sympathy to Carrie’s family. Sympathy also to the family of Nellie Simpson Pickard.

Bob and Peachy Kent visited Stella Bennett and took her to Middlefork Lake in Greensburg. They went fishing and Stella caught three little fish. She got to visit with a lot of old friends and had a wonderful time Saturday.

Mary Lou Bowman and Glenda Sullivan took Patty Chase to King’s Daughters’ Hospital for more tests Thursday, getting her ready for back surgery in Louisville in a few weeks.

I got a nice card from Joyce and Vernon Romans from South Carolina. Her mother Evelyn Hatton wrote the Florence news before I did and Joyce complimented me that I have the same knack for writing that Evelyn did. She said Vernon wrote a column in their local paper for years called the “Pelion News” and knows what a commitment it is. They enjoy the Vevay paper. Her sister Jerrie and Vince from Madison visited them for a few days around the 4th of July and had a really good time.

Our get well prayers go out for Charles Pickett, Jim Welch, Alicia Fritter, Jeff Peelman, Evon Gray, Garnet Keith, Cindy Lattire, Larry Parnell, Alma Boldery, Jack Trinkle, Mark Jones, Leah Jones, Patty Chase and many others.