Florence News


I read the story about Molly Buttons and could not stop until I read the outcome. It was a sad story but had a happy ending. Sorry Molly had to stand in the mud. She probably wondered when her people would get there. Isn’t it good to have such good friends to help when needed.

Linda Furnish had her second eye surgery and is doing well.

Sylvia Byars took her dad Harold Sims from Swiss Villa to Hebron, Kentucky to visit his granddaughter Heidi and Josh Brown and children Ayden and Garrett. Two-year-old Ayden got him a little cup of tea from her little tea set. Sylvia said she even blew on it as if to cool it. Really cute. Harold also went with Ken and Sylvia Byars for a Christmas dinner with his son Bob Sims and family in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Bud and Betty Hargrove had a big family Christmas dinner. A lot of the family and friends were t here. Eddie brought them a ham. Everyone had a good time.

Ryan Brown visited Earl and Jerilyn Van Winkle while in from Colorado.

Mark Arvin, Bob Ferguson, Jody Breeck, Scott, Kathy and Coley Arvin, Heather Durham and Justin Downing enjoyed Christmas with Earl and Jerilyn Van Winkle. Jerilyn went home with Mark for a three-day visit. Norvin Breeck and Millie and her family called to wish them a Merry Christmas. Earl’s sister, Virginia Rae “Jenny” Van Winkle of Aurora passed away December 17th. She was 63. She will be missed. Sympathy to the family.

Randy and Lorraine Brown, Donna Graham and Barry Knaus really enjoyed the I.U. game in Bloomington Saturday night. I.U. won. They enjoyed their meal in Nashville.

Cheryl Messmore spent a few days with her mom Margaret Lee Weidmann and others. Randy Brown, Kay O’Neal and Cheryl took care of mom’s Christmas decorations and got them put away for another year. Cheryl spent New Year’s Eve with Linda and Kevin Harrell in Madison. Ryan Brown and Stanley dog returned to their home in Colorado Sunday.

Terry, Sharon, Ashley and Kristin Parker, Linda Brown, Mike, Sharlene and Evan Brown spent Christmas weekend with Janet Brown. Monday Mike, Sharlene and Evan flew to Salt Lake City, Utah for a winter vacation. Evan’s dog Ollie spent his vacation with Janet.

Faye Lewis’ company was Ron and Jean Sandidge, Tim, Annette, Abby, Parker and Lexi Deno, Nora Gross, Evelyn Smith, Karen Peelman, Patty Chase, Mark Scott, Cindy Geis, and Glenda Sullivan.

Cindy Geis of Greensburg and Glenda Sullivan had lunch at Granny’s and visited Pete and Carolyn Lowe, Faye Lewis and Jean Sandidge.

Emily Bush and Glenda Sullivan visited Patty Chase Sunday afternoon.

Charles and Alberta Pickett had an old fashioned Christmas dinner and gift exchange with Stephen and Anna Field. Also Thomas Cole and family, Victoria Werner and family, Jacob Cole and son all enjoyed the day Sunday.

Congratulations to Margie and Marshall Wentworth. They celebrated their 60th anniversary in December.

Several from the Florence Church of Christ celebrated the New Year arrival at the church having pizza, snacks and playing Jenga and other activities.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman spent last week in Florida and returned to the snow.

John and Dorothy Duckworth spent Thursday and Friday and Kiersten and Kaden spent Friday and Saturday with Bonnie and Roy Duckworth.

Verle and Genevieve Truitt and Roy and Bonnie Duckworth had Sunday dinner at Butler Park to celebrate both their December anniversaries.

Dollie Green, Billie Green and Hazel Huffner enjoyed spending time together at Mo’s in Vevay Thursday before Christmas. Afterwards they went to the cemetery and put flowers on the graves of their friends, Wanda Chipman and Linda Flood.

Elijah Green of Madison spent Monday and Tuesday with Mamaw and Papaw Green and his cousins. They all enjoyed spending time together. Ivan and Dolllie Green enjoyed the New Year’s Eve party at Belterra Saturday night.

Corinne Martin and her sisters Carrie, Cathleen, their mother Irma Nolan and niece Autumn visited another sister Colleen in Greenwood. They went shopping and ate at Cheeseburgeer Paradise and enjoyed the day.

Vernon and Corinne Martin visited Corinne’s parents, Clarence and Irma Nolan in Madison Monday.

Happy New Year’s Day birthday to the ones I can remember from the shoe factory: Russell McSwain, Iretta Wainscott, Earl Furnish, Doris O’Banion and all others. Also a January 1st birthday remembrance for my sister Hilda Ann Jewell Lock. Happy New Year’s Day anniversary to Lewis and Lucille Konkle.

Sympathy to the Karen Huber family. I don’t know Karen, only that she is Teresa Miller’s sister and I know she will be missed.