Florence News 7-9-15


The Wiley Reunion was held at Butler Park June 28th, 2015. Attending were Charlene and Alberta Pickett, Janet Brown, Linda Brown, Tim and Terri Heath, Gene and Alice Heath, Roger and Andy Wiley, Geneva Morgan, Jo Wiley, Allen and Eleanor Aldred, Connie Nigg and Jack, Mark and Taylor Truesdell, Kenneth and Kenneth Jr, Truesdell, Steve and Anna Fields, Jerry and Linda Webb, Ron and Tammy Veverka, Ronnie Roberts, Snooki and Dottie Wiley and guests Emma Leap and Carolyn Hysell. A good time was had by all. Plans are for the same place next year, the last Sunday in June.

The Warsaw, Kentucky fireworks display Friday night was again a big treat for the Indiana people. Charles and Alberta Pickett, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Mark and Rhonda Scott, Michelle, Kierstan and Kaden McClure, Amy Maddox, Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase and others enjoyed the evening. Kelly and Shirley Warnick from Warsaw News was there taking pictures from the Indiana side. It was nice to meet them. Thank you Warsaw.

Saturday night on the 4th of July, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Charles and Albert Pickett, Ed and Debbie Gregory and Judy Lozier all met with Patty Chase in her yard for snacks and drinks to watch the Belterra fireworks. Bev Stoops and friends stopped in. Thank you Belterra for a good evening.

We did miss Dale and Danilee Thompson at the Warsaw fireworks. Dale is still having therapy at Silver Oaks Care Center in Columbus. He was able to leave for a few hours Sunday so Danilee brought him to Florence for church. They stayed for lunch with the church bunch and visited their house in Florence. Get well prayers for Dale.

Happy 40th anniversary to Ed and Debbie Gregory on July 5th and to Neal and Jill Gregory Smith for their seventh on July 2nd. Rita Park Stewart from Milton, Kentucky, visited Ed and Debbie and brought them a beautiful quilt she made them for their 40th anniversary.

Dave Westrick from Dallas, Texas and Steve Westrick and Jon Hagg from Louisville visited their mom Loretta Westrick near Milton, Kentucky, over the 4th of July holiday. Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan met them at Down on Main in Carrollton for lunch. It was Steven’s treat. They had a good visit.

Evelyn Davidson from Lamb met Patty, Glenda and Bonnie Duckworth for breakfast in Vevay one day. It was a nice visit. Patty and Glenda also had lunch at A.J’s. That’s always good. Also at Mo’s they some times treat us to the delicious bread pudding. Thanks Mo.

Faye Lewis company was Lana Kelly, Annette, Abby and Lexi Deno, Alice Faye Whitham, Gertrude Voris, Mike and Joanna Sawalich, Evelyn Smith, Jean Sandidge, Glenda Sullivan and The Amish Singers. They always brighten the day.

Richard and Janet Sullivan from Westport and grandson Devin Seale of North Vernon had breakfast at Crossroads in Versailles Tuesday. They came to Vevay to visit Ogle park and on to Markland Dam for some sightseeing. They visited Glenda Sullivan in Vevay and Marjorie Whitham and then Jeanette Knaus in East Enterprise. Their daughter Tracy is still having therapy in North Vernon. Her birthday is July 12th. Her address is Tracy Seale, Jennings County Health Care Center, 701 Henry Street, North Vernon, Indiana, 47265. If you want to send a card and cheer her up.

Brenda Peelman, Jeff and Jacey Peelman and Emma Sullivan had a good time on a week’s vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Cheryl Messmore spent the weekend with mom, Margaret Lee Wiedmann. Sunday evening they had supper with Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown. Ryan took Dad and Aunt Cheryl to the great fireworks display at Belterra Saturday night. Margaret Lee’s other company was Kay O’Neal and Donna Miller. Cheryl helped mom with some chores while here. Mom thanks her. Happy Birthday to Bryan Messmore and Taylor Messmore.

Bob and June Cole Rice were in from California on the weekend last week. On Sunday June 28th, Bob and June attended the St. John Catholic Church in Carrollton and said it is a beautiful church. Later that day they celebrated Trey Gray’s 13th birthday at Sunset Grill near Warsaw. Attending were: Bob and June, Evon and Rita Gray, Jeff Gray, Tammy and Tanner Gray. After that celebration they went to Bob and Pat Slacks at East Enterprise and celebrated more with Amy and Annalea Hoskins and Sara Beth and Elizabeth Nibarger. June’s birthday was the next day and Pat had a really good and pretty cake for her. Monday and Tuesday Bob and June spent the day on business in the area.

Wednesday, June, Kay Cole and Marcella Cole had lunch at Patrons planning their upcoming Cole reunion to be September 13th at Bear Branch. June also visited Wilma Cole near Fairview. They were going through pictures to make a video for the reunion. June and Bob stayed at Belterra and enjoyed the fireworks from their room. They also visited La Grange, Kentucky and had dinner at Cracker Barrel. They plan to be back for the VHS Alumni in August and the Cole Reunion in September.

Tuesday, Kenny Clements, Patty Chase and Bonnie Duckworth went to Lawrenceburg for a doctors appointment where Kenny got a good report. They went on to Miamitown, Ohio to meet Nadine Swift, Maunta Bailey and Autumn for brunch at Doris and Sonny’s Homelike Restaurant. Bonnie and Maunta’s cousin, Kent, runs it and was cooking that day. We all had a good time and ran into a rough storm on the way home.

I’ll try to have an updated prayer list next week.