Florence News 7-30-15


Patty wants to correct a mistake she made two weeks ago (and the newspaper inadvertently left out last week. Our apologies): In the “Bonnie Duckworth, Karen Wentworth, Judy Lozier, Alberta Pickett, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan met at Shell’s Ice Cream” item. Janet Brown was also there helping sign get well cards to friends. Sorry I missed you, Janet. You probably did more than any one. Thanks for being there. We all make mistakes sometimes.

Game Day at Juanita Detmer’s this week included a birthday celebration for Brigetta Hetzel, 77 years young. She shared a day of fellowship with Juanita Detmer, June Lack, Mary Christiani, Joyce Earls and Kay Cook enjoying an excellent meal of pulled pork and - of course – chocolate birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Brigetta.

Saturday afternoon Margie Whitham, Jeanette and Christy Knaus, Teryn Hinman and Glenda Sullivan from the Vevay area; and many friends and family and church family from the North Vernon-Westport area; attended a bridal shower for Nicole Smoker and Ryan Einhaus from Leesburg at the Zenas Baptist Church at Butlerville. They received many nice gifts and had a really nice afternoon. Glenda Sullivan and Cindy Geis visited Tracy Seale at the North Vernon Care Center after they attended the Smoker-Einhaus Shower at Butlerville. Keep Tracy in your prayers. She is recovering.

Company at the homes of Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and Margaret Lee Wiedmann’s last week included: Chase, Carter, Nolan and Jamiel Thomas of Cleveland Ohio; Bobby and Diane Brown of Illinois; Kay O’Neal and Dianna Brown of Vevay. Cheryl Messmore spent a few days in the hospital and returned home for one day and had to go back Saturday night. She has a blood pressure issue and they are running tests. Jason Messmore is recovering from hip replacement surgery at Dearborn County Hospital. Keep Cheryl and Jason in your prayers and their families. Margaret Lee enjoyed her phone call from Jim Strasbaugh. He was asking about all her family and others and said to say hi.

Janet Middleton said the Randall reunion was really nice but they missed so many who couldn’t be there.

Faye Lewis’ company was Gertrude Voris; Mike and Joanna Sawalich; Jean Sandidge; Evelyn Smith and Glenda Sullivan.

Dwight and Ronnie Werner from Madison visited their cousin Charles Pickett Saturday.

Bonnie Peters was really surprised with a pitch-in party at the Jack Sullivan Senior Citizen Center for her birthday and recent retirement. Doris Shadday told me Mavis Uhlmansiek, Florence Peters and Bobbi Peters got it all together with many friends and relatives attending. They had a great time, Congratulations Bonnie.

Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan had lunch at Frisch’s one day and had the pleasure of chatting with Frank and Volina Holman about the new grandbaby. Jenna’s little boy just a few days old at the time. Then when we left to pay for our lunch Frank and Volina had already paid for it. Thanks a lot.

It was good to see Reva Johnson at our Home Ec. picnic a few weeks ago. She drove a long way to see us.

Our get well list includes: Jerry Furnish, Linda Mae Jones, Donna Juilf, Jack Chase, Sherrie Houze, Ginny Leap, Alicia Fritter, Joe Johnson, Alan Ray Edwards, Cheryl and Jason Messmore and many I am forgetting.

Sympathy to the Carolyn Lohide family. Carolyn was a good friend and a lovely lady. She will be missed. Also sympathy to the Kevin Kelly family. He also was a good person and good friend and will be missed.

Don’t forget the Vevay High Alumni coming up the same day as the Wine Festival Parade. Plan now to be there.