Florence News 7-27-17


Our birthday party for the town of Florence is moving right along. I got a call from Joann Brogan in Oklahoma wanting to send stories her family has, (the Coy family). I hope some of them get to attend although Joann didn’t think she would be here. If you have any stories or pictures or questions please call or send them to a Florence person that you know. I think everyone here is willing to help. We are talking about having a cake or pie contest so whip out your favorite recipe. We should have good prizes. The Community Foundation called and wants to help out and be a part of it. Everyone is welcome. Thank you.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was: Diana Brown, Allen Devore, Kay O’Neal, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown.

Congratulations to Roy Duckworth for being ordained 35 years ago in July at the Harrison Church of Christ.

Happy Birthday to Madison Smith (aka Maddie Poo). Linda Jones, PJ Jones, Annie, Maddie, Jason and Jasmine went to Florence Mall and had a birthday dinner at Red Robin for Maddie.

Peggy and Darrell Stoll spent the weekend with Betty and Bud Hargrove.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase had a nice visit and lunch at Granny’s with Nadine Swift. Patty had a flat tire on the way to Vevay and pulled off the highway. Another car pulled off at the same time and this wonderful handsome gentleman asked if he could help. His name was Shawn Redwine (I think) and I was back on the road in a short time. He wouldn’t take any pay. We need more people like him. Thanks again Shawn. I hope I have your name right.

Jeanette and Christy Knaus, Janet and Richard Sullivan, Jodie Gipson and Jennifer Craig had cup cakes for Marjorie Whitham for her birthday at Swiss Villa Friday. Marjorie was 91 years young. She was not feeling well on Friday but hopefully they cheered her day. Happy birthday Marjorie. Richard Sullivan stopped in to visit Glenda Sullivan while he was in Vevay then Janet and Richard visited Tracy Seale at the Waters of Clifty Falls at Madison. Glenda Sullivan wants to thank Roy and Bonnie Duckworth for stopping by Thursday evening with some pizza. They had pizza at Madison and had some left over so Glenda got the extra and it was so good.

Judy Lozier attended the 37th annual National Disabled Veterans Wheel Chair games awards ceremony in Cincinnati Saturday afternoon. Judy and Lori Ann enjoyed the Willie Nelson Concert at River Bend over the weekend.

Get well prayers for Gladys Hunt, Jeanette Knaus, Steve Ward, Frank Adams, Carolyn Lowe, and others.

Sympathy to the Derek Archer family.