Florence News 7-25-13


Fairview United Methodist Church ice cream social is July 27th.

Bonnie Duckworth, Glenda Sullivan, and Alberta Pickett took Patty Chase to a Louisville spine specialist last Wednesday. She has to go back soon, maybe for surgery. On the way home they enjoyed Cracker Barrel at LaGrange.

Wilma Lester took her girls to a Cincinnati ball game for a Girl Scout outing and had a good time. Wilma and her daughter Emmaline and son Dakota went to Indianapolis for an American Miss state final contest. Emmaline was a very pretty contestant and Dakota was her escort over the 4th of July at the Marriott Hotel.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company in the last two weeks was Kay O’Neal, Dutchie Scholl, Donna Miller, Betty Hargrove, Teresa Lyons, Karen Miller, Kevin Scudder, Steve Bladen, Floyd Wiltz, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Bobby and Diane Brown, Kim Curry, Gail Ann Clements, Sloan, McKenzie, Carey and Chad Brown, Angie Handlon, Sharon Wilson, Darrell and Sharon Hanad, Davy and Patty Leap, Tootie Stevens, Rita Waltz and Cheryl Messmore. Cheryl stayed a few days to attend services for a dear family friend, Millie Coy.

Betty Hargrove treated Margaret Lee and Cheryl to supper Saturday night at Sunset Grill in Kentucky. Keep Margaret Lee and her family in your prayers.

Sympathy goes out to the Millie Coy family, the Earl O’Day family, and the Judy Rieman family.

Get well prayers for Charles Pickett, Patty Chase, Jim Welch, Loretta Westrick, Barbara Banta, Evon Gray, Shirley (Hehe) Adams, Mary Lou (Mrs. Bob) Furnish, Inez Harker and Alma Boldery.

Lee Ann Bush had a graduation party a couple of weeks ago for her daughter Emily Ann. Attending were Sandy McCormick, Karen Rhea, Phyllis Bush, Denton Bush, Maria, Kelsey, Jacob and Alieah Hunt, Eddie Womack, Elizabeth and Emily Desonia, Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan, Kelsey Bush and Braxton May. Lots of good food and a good time.

Faye Lewis’ company this week was Ron and Jean Sandidge, Mark Scott, Evelyn Smith, Nora Gross and Glenda Sullivan.

Marjorie Whitham celebrated her birthday Sunday at Jeanette and Squeaky Knaus’. Those attending were Christy and Jodi Knaus, Teryn and Chance Hinman, Richard and Janet Sullivan, Tracy and Devin Seale and other friends. Dana Einhaus has spent several days in Columbus Hospital and was unable to come in. She was dismissed Sunday afternoon. Keep Dana in your prayers.

Thanks Ginny and Glenda for correcting my errors.