Florence News 7-23-15


Nadine Swift of Miamitown, Ohio visited Patty Chase at the Vevay Tourism Welcome Center last week. They had a good visit and quick lunch as Nadine was on her way to the Little Diddle Day Care on Route 129 in Cross Plains. She worked with the day care staff in CPR training. Everyone had an informational and fun evening.

Roy Lee and Sharon Patterson and Bob and Lois Stutzman had a good supper and visit with Richard and Leona Adams last Wednesday. Roy Lee and Bob got to relive a lot of old school days. Richard said a good time was had by all.

We were sorry to hear Steve and Martha Adams Stephenson’s daughter Jonie’s husband, Dennis McFarland died at their home is Elizabethtown. He was 50 years old and a Vietnam Veteran. Sympathy to the family.

Richard and Janet Sullivan, Christi and Jodi Knaus, Teryn and Chance Hinman, Dana Einhaus and Devin Seale all enjoyed a birthday dinner for Margie Whitham at the home of Squeak and Jeanette Knaus Sunday. They had good food and birthday cake. Richard and Janet took a dinner from there to Tracy Seale at the North Vernon Care Center when they visited her that evening. Happy Birthday Margie and get well Tracy.

The Center Square Baptist Church had their lasagna dinner a the 4-H Fair Tuesday night. They took 34 dinners out to Switzer Square again. All at Switzer Square want to thank the Center Square Church for thinking of them. It was really a treat. Everyone that stopped in at the fair also really enjoyed the food and the fellowship.

Casey and Sheila Rininger, Tiffany Rininger, Alberta Pickett and Frank and Megan Rininger went to Battlecreek, Michigan to visit Lacy and Lilly Rininger and their family. Lacy and Lilly came home with them for a visit until school starts.

Margaret Lee Wiedmann’s company was Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Kay O’Neal and Jason Messmore. Kay took Margaret Lee to Sunset Grill for lunch one day. Cheryl Messmore needs to be on your prayer list. Get well soon Cheryl.

There was another mistake. I think a line got left out or something but it changed the whole item. I sent it in as Rita Brogan, Keith and Jean Little sat together at the Kentucky Speedway races while James and Andrea worked at the track. Lewis and Alicia Fritter and Ariel Brogan were also at the races. Rita and Alicia went to Richmond, Va. for the wedding of Alicia’s good friend that she worked with at Children’s Hospital, Sheryll Golden. Rita said it was a small and lovely wedding and a very romantic one. But, that is not what came out in the paper. It said Lewis and Alicia Fritter and Ariel Brogan went to the wedding in Richmond so that changed the item. Just want everyone to know who went where.

Thanks to Janet Brown and Carolyn Lowe for the good job they do on the flower bed at the Florence Church of Christ. Ken Byars mowed and they got several compliments Sunday on how nice it was.

Patty stopped at Vevay IGA Saturday and although she does not very often eat meat she got one of the best cheeseburgers she has had for a long time at the benefit cookout. The Truth Apostolic Church Youth Group was in charge. Thank you.

We had a nice visit with the Gary Purnell family and a lot of shoe factory people at Gary’s visitation. Gary was a good person and a good friend to all. He will be missed. Sympathy to Barbara and he family.

We also had a good visit with the Otter-Holdcroft family at Anna Ruth’s visitation. Ann was a lovely lady and a good friend. She will be missed. Sympathy to her family.

Sorry to hear that Kevin Kelly passed away. Don’t know the details but we send our sympathy to Lana and the family. Kevin was a fine person and a good friend.