Florence News 7-17-14


I guess I’d better start off with an oops! We forgot Ryan and Barbara Keith attended the 4th of July party at Paul and Sondra Furnish’s.

Donations for the Relay for Life are still coming in. It’s not too late. We got a nice donation from Virginia Briggs last week for the Florence and Friends teams. Thanks, Virginia. If you watn to support your favorite team but don’t know the address you can send it to Patty Chase, P.O. Box 53, Florence, IN 47040 or Glenda Sullivan at 201 East Jackson Street, Vevay, IN 47043. Let us know who you would like it to go to, and we will get it there. We should have a final count at the end of August. Then we will start on 2015, thank you.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Ryan O’Neal, Jo Wiley, Judy Sullivan, Randy, Ryan and Lorraine Brown, Kevin Scudder, Angie Handlon, Diana Brown, Paul Messmore, Floyd and John Wiltz. Floyd and John will be spending some time with Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown.

Hello to Russell and Vera McSwain in Indianapolis.

Virginia Kelly called to say her sister Naomi Romans Endres passed away at the Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati. She leaves Virginia, Vernon Romans of South Carolina and Janice Meadors. Janice, Virginia and Gene Hunefeld visited with her at the hospital Wednesday. I’m sure she was a lovely lady and will be missed. Sympathy to the family.

Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase and Alberta Pickett went to Aurora for the visitation of Vic Spaulding. He was Alberta’s niece, Roseann Wiley Spaulding’s husband. Alberta stayed with them at the visitation and waited for her daughter Sheila Rininger and family and came home with them. When they got to Florence they ran into high water at Log Lick. Markland Pike was caving off too but they made it home. Patty and Glenda barely beat the storm home. Patty and Glenda visited Loretta Westrich last week. They also had a nice visit with Debbie Hunter in Madison last week and had a good visit with Denny Bowman at the Rick Wainscott visitation. Rick was a well known and good person. He will be missed. Sympathy to Sherry and the family.

Ruth Schwade was a beautiful lady. She passed away at the age of 102. I always enjoyed talking to her at Swiss Villa and when I visited at her home. She would tell me all about Florence and the things that happened there. Very interesting. She will be missed. Sympathy to Jeanie and her friends and family.

Stephen Hatton, Megan and baby Hayzleigh, Ron and Jean Sandidge, Evelyn Smith, Getrude Voris and Glenda Sullivan visited Faye Lewis.

Sympathy to Myra Boles for the loss of her brother, also to the Ann Woolums Furnish Family. Richard and Leona Adams went to the Luau at the American Legion Saturday night and said it was really fun.

Sunday Richard and Leona went to the Patriot Baptist Church for the special veterans program. Mike Jones had a special speaker to honor the veterans. Earl Conner and Burnie Hunt were the oldest ones there from World War II. Several others were there. They had a dinner later at Patriot Town Hall.