Florence News 7-16-15


I hope its not too late to wish Brianna Scudder a happy seventh birthday. They had a party with her school and day care friends and her family a few weeks ago at their home in Florence. She is Casey and Tara Scudder’s daughter and Randy and Peggy Scudder, and George and Lisa Claypool’s granddaughter. They had games, balloons, slide and cake with ice cream. She went to the American Girl store in Columbus, Ohio and got twin baby dolls. Later they went to Florence to spend her birthday money. Hope you had a happy day Brianna and hope I remembered the details right.

The Kentucky Speedway races brought a lot of activity at the area and many local people attended and enjoyed.

The “Fred The Goat Festival” was really nice. There was a lot of contest and good prizes. Also good music. The cooking with oats contest was good with good prizes and many volunteer tasters. First place winner was Andi Wainscott with Old fashioned jam bars; second was Hannah Romans with Rhubarb Pie; and third place was John Kniola with Hoosier Briscotti. It was a fun time.

Gayle Archer Smith was visiting in the area last week. I got to visit with her at Shell’s. She was there with Ethel Mae Althoff, Debbie Archer and Jessica Whitham. We were high school class mates. She lives in Ohio now near her daughter. Really good to see her.

I was sorry to see that another classmate, Eddie Benedict had passed away a couple of weeks ago. Sincere sympathy to his family.

Sympathy also to the Paulina Sigmon Scudder family. Pauline was a lovely lady and good friend and my sister Hilda’s class mate.

Bonnie Duckworth, Karen Wentworth, Judy Lozier, Alberta Pickett, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan met at Shell’s last Monday for a good lunch.

Denny Bowman visited Patty Chase last week after his golf outing while Mary Lou went shopping with some friends.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase went to North Vernon Saturday evening to visit Glenda’s niece Tracy Seale at the Jennings County Health Care Center. She is still taking therapy. Get well prayers for Tracy and her family.

Jeanette and Christine Knaus, Cindy Geis and Tracy’s friend from Texas, Clayton and Devin Seale and Richard and Janet Sullivan all visited Tracy during the week. Janet and Richard took her a turkey supper Sunday for her birthday.

Janet and Richard Sullivan of Westport visited Margie Whitham Saturday after Margie had spend Friday in Dearborn County Hospital.

Fay Lewis’ company was Robin Lawson, Gertrude Voris, Evelyn Smith, Jean Sandidge and Glenda Sullivan.

Cindy Giess of North Vernon visited Pete and Carolyn Lowe, Glenda Sullivan and Fay Lewis.

Donnie Leap said Ginny was still in the hospital but should be home by tomorrow. Get well wishes for her. He said she retired so he did too. Good luck as you move on and enjoy not working.

Betty Hargrove, Linda Jones, Jerry and Robin Jewell, P.J., Annie and the kids all had brunch at Belterra last week. Linda went to the Kings Daughters E.R. then returned home after some medical attentions. She will be having more surgery pretty soon. Get well prayers for her.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and Verle Truitt visited Genevieve Truitt at the Dillsboro Nursing Home Sunday.

Rita Brogan, Keith and Jean Little sat together at the Kentucky Speedway Race whiles James and Andrea worked at the track.

Lewis and Alicia Fritter and Ariel Brogan went to Richmond, Virginia for the wedding of Alicia’s good friend that she worked with at Children’s Hospital, Sheryll Golden. Rita said it was a small and lovely wedding and a very romantic one. When they flew back home Alisha was not well so they went to the hospital. They ran tests for an infection then sent her home with medicine. She should find out soon what the infection was and hoped the medicine works. While they were gone to Virginia. Ariel took care of Uncle LuLu (Lewis) at the races.

The Switzerland County Home Ec ladies planned to have their picnic at the Ogle Park but had to change to the TEC Building due to the rain. It was a nice meeting and rally good food as usual.

Patty Chase had a good visit with nephew Jerry Chase from Greenfield while he stayed at the Fairway Inn. He came in to visit his daughter Angie and Corey Smith and two girls as Lauren was having a birthday. He also attended the races at Kentucky Speedway.

Ken and Sylvia Byars; Charles and Alberta Pickett; Ray and Bonnie Duckworth; Gary, Karen and David Wentworth; Casey, Sheila and Tiffany Rininger; and Judy Lozier had Sunday lunch at 88 King Buffet to celebrate Gary’s birthday.

Our prayer list includes: Ruth Ann Lorch, Linda Jewell Jones, Mike Johnson, Jack Chase, Bud Hargrove, Pete and Carolyn Lowe, Ginny Leap, Dale Thompson, Nancy Johnson, Donald Dye, Freddy Jennings, Joy Briggs, Gary Purnell, Alicia Fritter, Ray Richie, Julia Huston, Tracy Seale and Margie Whitham.