Florence News 6-9-16


Jim McSwain and Family came to the Patriot Alumni and said it was really nice. Jim also told that Vera McSwain fell a few weeks ago and is in a rehabilitation facility. Her address is 8311 Palmetto Lane, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46217, if you want to send a card.

We enjoyed the Memorial Service at the Courthouse in Vevay. Rita and Andrea Brogan accepted the balloon for the Uncle James Roberts. He was in WW II. Many accepted the relatives and friends balloons and released them in front of the court house. It’s always impressive.

Ken Byars sister, Billie May, passed away Sunday in San Diego, California. Billie lived in this area for a long time. Sympathy to Ken and all the family.

Sympathy to our good friend Ernie McKenzie’s family. We will miss Ernie.

Patty Leap, Jerry Jewell, Linda Jones, PJ Jones and Annie and the kids visited Betty Hargrove. Betty spent one day at King’s Daughters’ Hospital for tests that turned out ok.

Peggy and Darrel Stoll visited Betty and Bud Hargrove a few days. Linda Jones, PJ Jones and Annie and the kids went to Florence Mall to celebrate PJ’s birthday. Happy Birthday PJ.

Janet and Richard Sullivan of Westport visited Marjorie Whitham, Glenda Sullivan and Squeaky and Jeanette Knaus. Glenda’s and other visitors were Hazel Wilkerson, Nell Cayton, Donna Hughes and Jean Sandidge.

Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase and Leona Adams met the Carrollton River Red Hat Ladies for lunch at the Stadium Wednesday. The Carrollton ladies were Lee Hauber, Pat Montgomery, Carolyn Perkins, Pat Perkins, Alice Long Burke, Cookie Louden, Ruth Stump, Linda Gallimore, Martha Moorman, Milley Fernald and Ethel Talbott. Sue Westrick was in the hospital and could not be there. She was to have surgery at Louisville and is doing well. Get well to Sue.

Leona Adams said Martha Stephenson had surgery and is doing well. Steve and Martha live at Elizabethtown, Indiana. Get well to Martha.

Corinne Martin visited Patty Chase last week on her way to work.

Carolyn and Kenny Cockerham, Jerry Brogan, Chris Wheatley, Joe Johnson, Andrea Brogan and Ryan Ogden all enjoyed a cook out and ice cream Memorial Day with Jim and Rita Brogan.

Abe and Rhonda Norfleet had a big graduation party for grandson Tylor Norfleet. Many friends and relatives enjoyed the good food and good party on Log Lick Road.

Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan, Denny and Mary Lou Bowman enjoyed a pizza at Roxano’s Saturday to celebrate Denny’s birthday.

Patty had a nice little visit with Jennifer Sparks in Vevay. Jennifer said her mom Virginia Briggs is having therapy at Swiss Villa. Get well soon Virginia.

Peggy Chase Sullivan visited Brenda Peelman and family and had a bad fall while there. She broke her wrist and had to have surgery and broke some ribs that is very painful. Get well to Peggy. Get well also to Joy Hazeldean, Charles Pickett, Sheila Rininger, Margaret Turner, Fran Grzebyk, Hope Schmidt, Sylvia Byars sister, Loretta Westrick, Lorraine Brown, Dale Thompson and all in need.

Cheryl Messmore spent the weekend with Margaret Lee Weidmann and visited many friends and family. She had lunch at Mo’s Saturday with a group of school friends. Randy Brown took Cheryl and Mom out for supper Saturday evening. Lorraine Brown is still trying to recover from recent surgery but its going slow. Prayers for Lorraine. Ryan Brown, Rebecca went to Lawrenceburg where Ryan was in a golf tourney. Margaret Lee’s other company was: Donna Miller, Gail Ann Clements, Kay O’Neal, Ronnie and Lois Ackerman, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and Rebecca and Jason Messmore.

Charles and Marsha Wilks, Anthony Wilks, Linda Smith, Cathy Manbeck, Jennifer Armstrong, Chantell Thornton, Jasen and Jillena Perry, Alicia Puckett, Jimmy and Chasity Haynes and Patty Snoderly and her husband all attended Lisa Wilks graduation from Hanover College Saturday. After the ceremony they all went to Ponderosa at Madison and met many other friends and family for a great party. Congratulations to Lisa. They are all so proud of you we hope we got everyones names and spelled right.

Patty Chase had a nice visit at the Welcome Center with Patty Snoderly after they came from the graduation and party for Lisa.