Florence News 6-6-13


I need to start out with another oops this week. Last week Bernice Chase made a fabulous strawberry pie but it had Bonnie’s name instead. Don’t know how that happened but now we know the real story.

The American Cancer Society will have a meeting Tuesday, June 11th, at 6 p.m. at the Water Works Building. It’s bank night and getting really close to opening night so come and see what has to be done before we get started. If you are not involved it’s not too late to get on a team. Thank you.

Leona Adams said she sat by Juanita McClellan Brown at the Patriot Alumni and had a really good time. Hi, Juanita. It’s nice to hear from you. I haven’t heard much about the Alumni except Rick’s column but I’m sure it was great. Call me or your Patriot reporter (another Patty) and we’ll get it in for you. I enjoy Patriot and all the news. Keep; up the good work, Patty.

Leona Adams went to the graduation of her great-grandson Luke James at the Aberdeen Preschool and was touched when they all knew and said the Lord’s Prayer. She said if only it could still be a part of the school.

The Relay for Life yard sale at Sue Turner’s was really good. They made a big bunch of money for their team, The 3 C’s.

The Florence and Friends Relay team collected a good amount last week in East Enterprise. Cora Fox, Alberta Pickett and Glenda Sullivan were in charge. Good for both teams.

Denny and Chris Bowman went to the Memorial golf tournament in Columbus, Ohio, and had passes to walk the course with 45,000 other people. They enjoyed it. I talked to Denny on the phone Sunday afternoon. He said they had been out for dinner to celebrate his birthday and his and Mary Lou’s anniversary June 2nd. Happy, Happy.

Dale and Danilee Thompson of North Vernon had supper with Charles and Alberta Pickett, Patty Chase and Bonnie Duckworth Saturday evening. They also had a nice visit with Jimmy and Mary Simmons and their friends at the restaurant. Mary said her sister Thelma Jewell Seel is in ICU at Norton’s in Louisville with a heart problem. Keep them in your prayers.

Sylvia Byars spent a few days out West for Mother’s Day and to greet her son’s new baby. She also visited Ken’s sister Billie Thomas May at Billie’s son Ryan’s in Tucson and met their new little first baby. Sylvia’s daughter of California also came to visit.

Faye Lewis’ company was Evelyn Smith, Robin Lawson, Audrey Marsh, Jean Sandidge and Glenda Sullivan.

Roy and bonnie Duckworth picked up Dorothy and John Duckworth in Kentucky Friday evening and took Dorothy to spend the night with Kiersten McClure for a sleep over at the McClure home in Madison. It was Kiersten’s birthday. Roy and Bonnie picked up Kaden McClure to spend the night with John Duckworth at Roy and Bonnie’s in Florence. Saturday they all reshuffeled to their own homes after nice visits.

The Casey Rininger family spent the weekend with the Brian Rininger family in Cincinnati.

It was good to see Deron York in Florence Sunday.

Denny and Diana Brown’s company last week was Shawn and Annelisa Auxier, Michael, Kim, Addison and Carson Roark, Angie Handlon, Audrey Marsh, Charlie Harmon, Audrey Marsh, Sharon Wilson, Judy Bailey, Angie Handlon and Shawn Auxier for taking turns staying with them to help Denny.

J.J. Sullivan, Gail Ann Clements, Kevin Scudder, Cheryl Messmore, Lorraine, Randy and Ryan Brown and Stanley and Dusty doggies visited Margaret Lee Weidmann last week. Cheryl spent the weekend with Mom and attended the Bobby Williamson Memorial Saturday evening at the Vevay Cemetery. Margaret Lee and Cheryl visited Denny and Diana Brown. Margaret Lee visited Millie Coy and Dutchie Scholl.

Cheryl Messmore was Connie Black Horine’s guest at Connie’s 50th class reunion at the Jack Sullivan Center Saturday night.

Sympathy to the family and friends of Louise Rayles. She was my Sunday School teacher at the Markland Baptist Church years ago and played the piano for many years. She was a lovely lady and will be missed.

Sympathy also to the Janet Brindley Oyler family. I remember the Brindley family living in Vevay and worked with some of them. They were good people.

School will be out this week. Congratulations to all who are graduating and best wishes as you go on to good things.