Florence News 6-27-13


We are still getting donations for the 2013 Relay for Life. If you missed it you can still find your favorite team member and make your donation. We missed our goal by quite a large number. Maybe we can et it before the end of August. The Florence Team wants to thank Kippy Hatton, Tammy Moore, Virginia Briggs and Mary Katherine Dickerson for their generous donations as well as everyone who helped in any way. We especially want to mention Charles Pickett for all the candy sales he made and to Cindy Laib for helping with the candy delivery. Patty and Glenda also want to thank the sponsors for their very generous response. Our team members who supported us at the Ogle Park were Charles and Alberta Pickett, Roy and bonnie Duckworth, Mark Scott, Rhonda Fifield, Burnie and Gladys Hunt, Lisa Rosenberger, Tammy Moore, Tiffany Rininger, Cora Fox, Frances Eversole, Shannon Jackson, Rita and Andrea Brogan, Kay Cook and her litle dog that is a cancer survivor, Patty and Glenda. Other members are Nadine Swift, Beverly Stoops, also Sharon Ballard, Cindy Laib and Corinne Martin could not attend due to family illness but helped when they could. Ethan Austin also gave a donation from his jelly bean sales at the Relay. I, as captain of the team, want to personally thank all who helped and especially Glenda for taking over for me as I have a leg and back injury and could not finish all I started. (She said I owe her a steak dinner.) Okay.

We really miss Mo’s already. Best of luck to Mo and family in their next adventure.

We also miss the Java Bean and wish them well.

Richard and Leona Adams spent a few days in Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago.

Richard had schooling for the Veteran’s Administration that he does in Switzerland County. Leona said she and another lady went shopping while the husbands were in school.

We enjoyed our visit with Mary Waller at the Relay. She moved from Florence to Versailles a few years ago but always comes to support our relay. Thanks Mary.

I don’t like Chinese food so whenever our group chooses to go there I don’t go. But today it was Karen Wentworth’s birthday treat and she chose the 88 Buffet in Madison so I decided to try it. To my surprise it was really good and I had to listen to the I told you so’s from all the church bunch. It was really good and happy birthday to Karen.

Bobby Brown was in from Illinois to visit with his mom Margaret Lee Weidmann. He also visited Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and Denny and Diana Brown. He went home Thursday. Mom and Lorraine visited two afternoons with Denny and Diana. Randy Brown visited Denny and Diana Saturday afternoon.

Cheryl Messmore spent Sunday night with mom and visited Denny and Diana. Please remember Denny and all his family in your prayers.

Kay O’Neal and Gail Ann Clements visited Margaret Lee. Gail brought beautiful flowers.

Faye Lewis’ company was Nora Gross, Evelyn Smith, Jean Sandidge, Glenda Sullivan, Mike and Joanna Sawalich and Dick Scott and George the dog.

Elizabeth Nibarger, Carolym McClellan and Kyle Konkle also attended the LoriAnn Lozier graduation party last week. Sorry I missed you.

Denny and Diana Brown’s company was Audrey Marsh, Judy Bailey, Herman Wattenbauger, Michael, Kim, Addison, Carson, Trenton Roark, Devin Sullivan, Gerald Ramseyer, Bobby Brown, Cheryl Messmore, Randy and Lorraine Brown, Margaret Lee Weidmann (thanks for the sandwiches), Rita Sullivan (thanks for the delicious fish) and thanks to Dave and Sharon Wilson for the food and all their help.

Corinne and Vernon Martin have been visiting Corinne’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nolan near Madison as they are both having health problems. Get well prayers for them.

Sharon Ballard is finally home after several days at King’s Daughters’ Hospital. Keep her in your prayers. Also keep Denny and Diana Brown and all their family in your prayers. Get well prayers also go out for Donna Walker, Mary Lou Chase, Earl Wayne Furnish, Paul Covington, Ray and Virginia Bear, Thelma Seel, Charles Pickett, John L. Lock, Alma Boldery, Sherry Johnson, Virginia Richards, Verle Truitt, Irma Nolan, Pam May, Patty Chase and many more.

Sympathy goes out for the Howard Romans family, the George Morgan family, the Todd Dilley family and Mary Jewell’s sister’s family.