Florence News 6-2-16


The news had to be in early this week for the holiday deadline. Please let me know your news next week.

Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan had doctors appointments at the Kings Daughters Hospital last Tuesday where they had good visits with Danna Lee Adams and her co-workers Dollie, Kathy and others. They are wonderful people and do very well on their jobs. Thanks Ladies. We also had a good visit with Myra Boles’ granddaughter, Angela Mahoney. She works with Dr. Auer. They were all good in that office too. Angela said the family is concerned about Myra, as she is having some health problems. Keep her in your prayers.

Also on the prayer list is: John L. Lock, Pete Lowe, Vera McSwain, Richard and Leona Adams, Charles Pickett, Patty Chase, Dale Thompson, Sheila Rininger, Barb McCreary, Buster Chase, Jack Chase, Terry Dickerson and others.

It’s graduation time and the parties are being planned. Good luck to all the graduates and have fun and safe parties.

Thanks to the Florence Church of Christ group that cleaned up its part of the highway in the Florence area.

In last weeks paper I reported that Richard Sullivan visited Glenda while his wife Janet visited her mom at Swiss Villa. Then he went back to get Janet. Somehow it said Juanita instead of Janet. My copy said Janet so I don’t know where the Juanita came from.

Glenda Sullivan had a nice long visit by phone with Davie Shinkle of Delhi. He says hello to his friends here.