Florence News 6-19-14


Congratulations and best wishes to Ginny Leap on her 50 years of working and doing a good job for the Vevay Newspaper. Her family and friends enjoyed the celebration with good food and good fellowship Saturday at the Community Art building. May you enjoy many more years with the paper and when you retire to go on to greater things.

While working at Switzerland County Welcome Center I enjoyed the display of Fred, the Vevay Hill goat. The pictures, poems and replicas filled one room. It was unbelievable. If you are in Vevay stop in to see it. It will be on display until June 30th.

The Community Wide Yard Sale seemed to be really good on Saturday.

Relay for Life held its meeting Thursday, June 19th, at 5:30 at the Vevay Utility Building on Seminary Street. It’s not too late to get involved. Bring a team or get on a team. Call Patty at 594-2289 or Glenda at 427-3752. We are not the leaders but will help you. We still need leaders. If you are a cancer survivor or know someone who is and did not get an invitation to the dinner call Ruth Lohide at 534-3002. It will be Friday, June 27th.

Light a candle for your loved one for the luminary service about 10 p.m. at Relay. Call Patty or Glenda or your favorite team. We can help you.

Open house will be Saturday, June 21st, at the Farmers and Artisans Market Place at the Markland Industrial Park. The grand opening will have high quality fresh produce, agricultural items, baked and prepared food, crafts and artisan items made and produced locally. Also music, demonstrations and food vendors. Come for a good time. It opens at 8 a.m.

Congratulations to Kayla Nay for her recent graduation from Mid American College of Funeral Services and for being the first female licensed funeral director and first father and daughter team with her dad Roger Nay at Haskell & Morrison Funeral Home in Vevay. The tradition continues.

Congratulations to Richard and Leona Adams of Turtle Creek Road for their volunteer work that got them the Golden Hoosier Award. They do a lot of good thing and deserve to be recognized. We are glad to have them in the Florence area. On Father’s Day they volunteered a the Food Pantry where they had 186 families.They also went to the visitation for Paul James’ mother-in-law in Carrollton, Kentucky.

The Switzerland County Red Hat Ladies will meet June 23rd at noon for tea at the Swiss Inn by reservation only.

Cora Fox, Alberta Pickett and Glenda Sullivan went out with their purple Relay for Life buckets and collected a nice amount for the Relay. Thanks.

Judy Lozier, Bonnie Duckworth and Alberta Pickett enjoyed a road trip in Kentucky Thursday. I did not get to go with them but they brought me some bread pudding from a real nice resturaunt in or near Versailles, Kentucky. They visited several places and Shaker Village.

Martha McKee is doing well at home after a hip replacement. Rocky McKenzie visits every day to help and Sherry Houze from Nashville also visits. Martha’s niece Exie Stockdale’s daughter from California visited last week.

Ed Trinkle called from Virginia. He is still wanting to find someone who remembers his dad Vernon “Hode” Trinkle. He would be 104 years old. He wants to know how he go the “Hode” nickname. I remember when they had Cuzz’s Bar, then called Heady & Trinkle’s beside Fred Newton’s Restaurant and his brother Dick Trinkle had a barber shop across the street by Jack Sullivan’s Drug Store.

Faye Lewis’ company was Gertrude Voris, Nathan Hughes, Troy Gibbs and friend Sarah, Mike and Joanna Sawalich, Ron and Jean Sandidge, Evelyn Smith and Glenda Sullivan. Faye is feeling better this week. Glenda and Jean took her to get a perm. It was really pretty.

Margaret Wiedemann was visited by Kay O’Neal, Nathan Hughes, Jerilyn Van Winkle, Mark Arvin, Bobby Ferguson, Randy and Lorraine Brown and Ryan. Randy had a good Father’s Day. Lorraine visited Dianna Brown last Tuesday, it was her birthday. Happy Birthday, Dianna.

Linda Jones is still at King’s Daughters’ Hospital. They said she might come home Tuesday. Betty said keep them in your prayers. She has had lots of company and calls and Betty is staying with her as much as she can.

Get well to Phyllis Thomas. Keep her in your prayers. Also, Earl Conner, Alice Carr, Gene and Alice Heath, Junior Ramsey, Deb Thompson, Frances Pike. Frances is doing very well. Also, Chris Sieglitz, Chuck Schmitt, Wayne Lester and all in need.

Sympathy to the Barbara Covington family and the Tina Harrod family. Both these young ladies will be missed.